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Thomas Middleton Wins EPT Barcelona Main Event

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Posted on 09 September 2013 by "T".

A big congratulations to Thomas "hitthehole" Middleton, the winner of the Season 10 European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event! The tournament attracted a record field of 1,234 players, and on Saturday the final eight players returned to battle it out on the final table. After about five 90-minute levels of play Middleton of UK, who had been the chip leader since Day 3, had all the chips in play and received €942,000, the trophy, and a Slyde watch for the victory.

Final table results:

1st. Thomas Middleton, United Kingdom -- €942,000*
2nd. Kimmo Kurko, Finland -- €750,000*
3rd. Kresten Nielsen, Denmark -- €440,500
4th. Luca Fiorini, Italy -- €328,000
5th. Pasi Sormunen, Finland -- €253,000
6th. Benoit Gury, France - 188,000
7th. Eduard Bhaggoe, Holland -- €143,000
8th. Andreas Christoforou, Cyprus -- €102,430

* reflects a late heads-up deal

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6 comments on "Thomas Middleton Wins EPT Barcelona Main Event"

 Macubaas10/09/2013 06:47:15 GMT
Congratulations to the winner, never knew his real name but his screen name is really familiar...

In fact i'm pretty sure i heard about him on several articles posted on an internet tracking site.
 lukasb10/09/2013 12:29:36 GMT
So he did won it after all, congrats to him and his persistence! I saw a bit of that ft live in order to get the password for some freeroll that pokerstars was offering online. That danish guy that finished 3rd was full of crazy moves lol. saw him sucking out calling the french guys all-in with AKs against his A6os and doing a little dance already at the flop... and the next hand losing another all-in pre-flop when he had AA and the other guy QJos lololol... made his little dance a bit too soon there haha...
 rafiko110/09/2013 13:06:22 GMT
Hehe lukasb I know who you mean, the 'el toro' guy.
The one with the shirt of Barca during the final table and a very high temperament.
I was not against his temperament, rather against his poor poker ethics on the table.
- the one lukasb said, he turned over AA after the other player went all in PF with QJos and screamed to joy even before the flop was dealt, as if he already won the tournament. Eventually QJos hit the straight.

- He acts sometimes when it's not his turn already

Was kind of happy he lost.

 noonlion10/09/2013 17:10:35 GMT
Tidy takedown.

Nice to a UK guy win some, so often the Americans dominate events
 doubletop77717/11/2013 13:06:01 GMT
Nice to see a fellow Brit win the title. The British poker scene is quite strong and there are quite a few up and coming player. Beware the rest of the world, the Brits are coming!!
 sergejcho17/11/2013 15:24:00 GMT
How much was the buy-in for this tournament? Because we see a nice number of reg players. The tournament attracted a record field of 1,234 players, and on Saturday the final eight players returned to battle it out on the final table.

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