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Tony G: "Tony Resort is real"

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Posted on 15 November 2012 by "T".

Yesterday Tony G updated his blog with a video to show all "non-believers" that Tony Resort is a real place. According to Tony G, his own little paradise is guarded by his German Shepherd Nordas, and Ralph Perry (Russian poker pro) is not welcome.

"I am at WPT Copenhagen now. I have left Tony Resort for the winter - my German Shepherd Nordas has gone to University. I sometimes get messages that people don't think Tony Resort is real and actually exists in Lithuania. It is and here is the proof! Nordas guards the borders and attacks bike riders and cars - the Tony G room at Tony Resort has an extremely valuable art collection. I spared no expense in putting this artwork together and it is all based on memories from my life. Most of all you will see that King Jack is banned at Tony Resort - no Ralph Perry, though real Russians are welcome. Qualify for the Aussie Millions at now!," Tony wrote in his blog.

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13 comments on "Tony G: "Tony Resort is real""

 pochui15/11/2012 20:49:39 GMT
yeah sure it is. i live in lithuania, so i can confirm that itony resort is as real as usa changing their currency name from dollar to yuan in the next two months Smile no really tony resort is a decent place, tony has bought some nice land and invested a lot of money he has won from his "fellow" poker pro's- now tony resort is a modern. stylish place to spend your weekends
 DZaharov16/11/2012 18:44:14 GMT
Tony's face is on the news page, if he won this pot buhim to shit and was sick on the dealer can not go! I play bad)))

Tony's face is on the news page, if he won this pot buhim to shit and was sick on the dealer can not go! I play bad)))
 Macubaas16/11/2012 20:54:44 GMT
I think he posted this message in order to make the latest party poker promotion more viral on internet...

When we are talking about Tony G you always need to question all his statements, most of them are not real lol
 pochui17/11/2012 08:01:14 GMT
yeah tony always has something in his sleeve. actually as a person he is not very liked here back in lithuania, most of business people think his business ethic is kinda poor...but hey i don't judge him, he can do whatever he wants with his money, and the fact that he has made a fortune is a positive thing overall
 fcumred17/11/2012 08:30:52 GMT
Sounds really nice.. Shame the bloke is a complete and utter cock.
 victoryv11118/11/2012 19:22:29 GMT
It looks cold needs some sunshine, so does Tony lookin pasty hehe.. and a bit clinical looking buildng will we get home with any winnings safely or will Nords eat us alive wooo yikez

Hostel or hostage or both ..Hideonism jamaica nicer beach blue water plenty of fish, but eh who knows 1 day we could reach and don't forget ur survival pack hehe ..GOOD on U anyway Mr G. YOUR PIECE OF PARADISE..BLESS
 Weenie18/11/2012 21:15:18 GMT
ahahaa that video is so funny Big Smile Tony looks like absolutely cool man. Fun to watch him in Big Game etc.. And I didnt even know he is from Lithuania, his english is great. I mean pronunciation.
 Greenmohave19/11/2012 00:08:37 GMT
Well at least the artwork on Tony G's walls is in good taste. The outside of the place look's very nice also with a rather secluded area I might add.
Of course this is all for promo purposes, but it's a unique approach to what one generally see's.
 evercalm19/11/2012 10:54:49 GMT
he lived in Australia for long years. So he talked in English here Smile)
 pochui19/11/2012 11:03:55 GMT
yeah he went to australia as a child, so no real surprises to see his fluent english. and yeah tony invested a lot of cash & built a real nice place to spend some quality time in the country. have to agree that "hedonism" in jamaica is nicer, but only and only because of the "naked" concept...
 Fakiry19/11/2012 11:08:18 GMT
Big poker fortunes aren't just spent on the tables, they also make nice investments. I bet Tony G is really proud of turning a dream in reality by doing this resort. And there also must exist many other projects we don't even get to know where pros like Tony invest their profits very well spent too!
 GoTrixo19/11/2012 20:54:17 GMT
Tony G gives me a good laugh pretty much everytime i see him on the tables, just today was watching some poker on YT, and it was quite damn dead in here, everyone takin it too seriously, then Tony G came in and the table was alive once again Smile, Ps : i wasn't really a fan of Tony G, since he sometimes is way to rude on some players (Oh Hello Phil Hellmuth..) but i guess its part of his image on the table. So ima just accept it, and the place looks cool, maybe once when im a pro poker player i'll be even able to visit it Tongue but sorry im just dreaming a lil right there Smile)

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