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Road To 100 Billion Poker Hands

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Posted on 20 November 2012 by "T".

It's high time to open up the PokerStars software and start grinding as hand 90 Billion is set to be dealt soon! PokerStars is on the Road to 100 Billion and they are celebrating every 5 billionth hand dealt with a milestone hand promotion. There's up to $1,000,000 in cash to play for, and all you have to do is to play cash game tables and be dealt into a millionth hand from 89,700,000,000 - 90,000,000,000. If you are lucky, you can win thousands of dollars. If you win the ninety billionth hand, you are guaranteed to receive at least $20,000!

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9 comments on "Road To 100 Billion Poker Hands"

 Fakiry20/11/2012 14:09:03 GMT
These values let anyone crazy and with the will of playing there. We all know it doesn’t matter the cash level we play, we’ve already seen before low levels being contemplated with prizes, so all we have to do is sit on a table, keep playing and wait to see if our table gets lucky. It won’t be just for us, it will be for all the players at that table, with a bigger prize for the hand winner. The hand in question usually it’s nothing special at all, but I guess that’s secondary when realizing we’re already winning just for playing it, no matter if we win it or not.
 Doarulle20/11/2012 15:08:23 GMT
Neve pay at the high stakes... always pay at the 25-50c HU... i've follow few times that promotion... and i've played at 6 tables 1-2c just for fun... anyway... they make tousand of $ every second... they don't care about few tousand payd per 20-30 mins...
 jje198721/11/2012 17:51:00 GMT
really enjoy this promotion end up playing about 10 tables lol, still never hit a milestone hand Sad when is the start date? good luck to all
 SirPoncho22/11/2012 15:12:49 GMT
I v been dealt once into a milestone hand,unfortunately it was a Horse Tabel(fixed Limit) 1/2 $ and i was heads up for just about 30 hands or so.
I lost the milestone hand and got something like 120$ for that.
anyways its a nice bonus if you get lucky
 xxxpokerxxx122/11/2012 20:07:51 GMT
I seen a goofball,who was dealt into the milestone hand,fold,his hand,he go sitting there for that long,get others at the table where laughing at him,for being so stupid as to fold after,being dealt into the hand...he didn't under
 Sorin88824/11/2012 07:31:31 GMT
PokerStars are still rushing down the Road to 100 Billion, with their milestone hands due to kick off today.The first milestone hand is #87,000,000,000 and every millionth hand until #90,000,000,000 will reward all players in the hand with cash prizes. The winner of the 90 billionth hand will receive at least $20,000.
 Impak00728/11/2012 16:17:44 GMT
its pretty hard, when u see, how fast does it goes to reach this milestones hands. it´s pity, i´m not playing on pokerstars more often but get the milestone hand is almost impossible. But i love when you get up to x tousend dolars for one hand, witch you have not to win
 Greenmohave29/11/2012 00:04:17 GMT
I didn't know what the one post was talking about when it was referring to milestone hands and now I see. I'm sure if I could play at PS there's some type of advertisments or ads being shown.
Sure is hard to think that our U.S government is going in debt faster then poker hands are being dealt by a 1000 times. That's right! The U.S. goes in debt $100,000.00 to every 5 poker hands.
 pochui29/11/2012 10:20:21 GMT
lol Greenmohave pointed out a very funny thing- u.s. is indeed getting in debt faster then poker hands are being dealt at stars & by way bigger pace- surely this has to stop sooner or later, printing even more money is not a long term solution- one day people will stop believing in the value of "green toilet paper" and then the problems will be real big- hope not to see this day in my life at least

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