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m1sspiggy Wins PokerStars' 90 Billionth Hand! ($66,380)

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Posted on 30 November 2012 by "T".

Almost every hour in the past week players have been dealt into milestone hands on PokerStars and received cash prizes, but the big one, the 90 billionth hand, occurred yesterday. The hand was played at a $1/$2 no-limit hold'em table and 6 lucky players received a total of $229,630!

After a few minutes of setting up the milestone hand, all players wished each other good luck and moved all in preflop for a total $1,689. The board slowly ran out QHeart7Heart9Club4Spade5Diamond, and "m1sspiggy" took home the main pot of $1,220, plus another $66,380 for winning the promotion, with 2 pair. The other players split $162,150 - a minimum of $14,000 each.

In total, players won more than $1,150,000 in bonus money during the 90 billionth hand promotion, which is a part of PokerStars' Road to 100 Billion promotion. The 90 billionth party is now in the books, but you only have to wait until February before it's time for the 95 billionth hand, and then the 100 billionth hand will be played sometime in May.

m1sspiggy -- $66,380.00
Balázska87 -- $36,370.00
carambaWOW -- $14,770.00
guss23778 --$48,130.00
Kud3 -- $32,190.00
SHUR43 --$31,790.00


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18 comments on "m1sspiggy Wins PokerStars'' 90 Billionth Hand! ($66,380)"

 nipitiri330/11/2012 09:56:42 GMT
wow nie winnnings at least jackpot didint go to 2 cent table
 Sorin88830/11/2012 10:04:31 GMT
Now, the 90 billionth party is done, but, unlike most parties, you don't have to go home. In fact, you should stay right here. If the math holds, PokerStars will likely deal its 95 billiionth hand sometime in February, and then will reach the end of the Road to 100 Billion sometime in May.
 pochui30/11/2012 12:07:31 GMT
wow just amazing luck- to win the tournament is one thing: you have to sweat for several hours, be lucky & skillful too, deal with nerves etc. but to win the "jackpot" it totally different: you just have to be lucky enough to sit at the lucky table...yeah u have to win the lucky hand too- but even if u dont, u still walk away with some cash for no work from your side...
 thefly13130/11/2012 12:30:27 GMT
If you are luckty enough to sit at the right table, who cares that you ll loose the hand.

The price you win is a lot more than you put in, evben if you loose.

If you win the price just gets bigger... so there just winners and no looseres at the table

 Serpang30/11/2012 14:28:27 GMT
Posted by nipitiri3:
wow nie winnnings at least jackpot didint go to 2 cent table

Of course !! they are doing business !not donor Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile If 2 cent have same chance why play $ 2 ?
That's also mean if we no have bigger capital we just have smaller chance Sad Sad Sad
That's universe doing. FAIR enough, right ?
 Impak00730/11/2012 14:45:35 GMT
The worst cards and still won the milestone hand. Mega luck to this guy abd gratz from me
 victoryv11130/11/2012 15:28:02 GMT
it's actually the millions of low-stake grinderz 1-$! tables that made the poker industry, to flourish and does what it does, to pay out such huge rewards rem every cent counts, as we all learnt from chip n chair scenario.
peace n love 2 all grinderz Heart gg all gl
 w1zardxxp30/11/2012 15:35:12 GMT
Why are some people lucky ..... Where can I see the hand (video)? Worship
 beriberi30/11/2012 18:37:05 GMT
Balázska87 -- $36,370.00


Hungarian player!!
 damosk30/11/2012 20:11:18 GMT
Hey what a result even being able to find a table was hard enough. All the very low stake NLH games were full with big waiting lists around an hour before the 90 millionth hand. I was there playing FL and won a nice little stack then when 5pm GMT hit with the big hand, everyone cleared out! Well done misspiggy
 Doarulle01/12/2012 01:20:47 GMT
Goooood for them, i really wonder why PS don't pay at high stakes Big Smile btw, i think now the 4 Club 7 Club is his favorite cards Big Smile
 Sorin88801/12/2012 10:33:09 GMT
When the hand ticker eventually hit the magic milestone it was $1/$2 six-max table "Ornamenta" that enjoyed a moment of calm before the celebrations began.

A succession of all-ins pushed the pot up to $1,688, but it was the lion's share of $229,630 that everyone had their eye on. After the flop rolled out: Qh7h9c4s5d and the dust settled it was "m1sspiggy" who held a winning two pair with 7c4c.

Messages of congratulations filled the chat box as the mid-stakes grinder banked a total of $66,380, leaving the rest of the table to bank at least $14,000 each.
 Mysik8601/12/2012 11:14:23 GMT
Awesome... I would like to play on promotional hand... theis is the only situation, when you lose hand, but you have profit from it Smile
 Weenie01/12/2012 13:55:13 GMT
66000 prize just for playing! awesome winnings and great promotion by PokerStars. Its unbelievaable how much money are in poker these days.. Its still just card game, you know Smile
 Fakiry01/12/2012 16:10:16 GMT
One of the big dreams of PS players has become true, at least for six of them. Taking in consideration the hundreads of thousands they are, there are still more disapointed players than happy ones, but this is like playing on the lotery, if you haven't played than you can't cry for not having won. Nice prize, and this time everyone played the hand!
 ricardo66601/12/2012 22:19:53 GMT
i saw it lucky but ok the best is go all in for duble your $ so 66 k good cash
 rv08/12/2012 16:13:37 GMT
Rich gets richer.
Why couldn't it be some kid who grinds 0.05/0.1 for study money or other poor bastard.
 patnedy11/12/2012 12:00:52 GMT

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