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The Former World Champion's New Occupation - Running A Bar!

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Posted on 22 November 2012 by "T".

Three years have passed since Joseph "Joe" Cada became the youngest player ever to win the Main Event at the 2009 World Series of Poker ($8.5 million). Cada wrote in his most recent blog post that he played a lot of poker after the title but that things changed a lot on Black Friday.

"Before Black Friday, I used to play online poker all the time. Some weeks I'd play for 80 hours. I'd just wake up and play poker and that's really all I did. Then once Black Friday happened, I haven't played online since. It's a whole different life I've been living since Black Friday."


Instead of playing poker every day, he is now busy running his own business: Cada's Poker & Sports Grill...

"I run a business now. My name's on the door at Cada's Poker & Sports Grill in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We opened about a year ago. I think Black Friday was part of the decision that went into opening the bar, especially since I didn't know how long online poker would be gone. I've always wanted to open a bar. I used to work at a bar and it's something I know pretty well. I also wanted a bar that had a charity poker license. You can't obtain those anymore in Michigan. They put a moratorium on them. I basically found a really nice place that was in a good location that had a charity poker license already. We bought it and renamed it Cada's."

Got burned out after the World Champion title
"Poker is something I've always loved to do. But after a while, and after all the publicity of the WSOP Main Event, I got burned out on poker a little bit. I wanted to continue playing but I needed a break. I figured it was a good time after Black Friday to take some time off and get into something else. I mean, I wasn't quitting poker. For sure. But it was more that I could play every month or every other month or play just for the World Series and the big tournaments. Then during the breaks I could spend my time elsewhere."


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7 comments on "The Former World Champion''s New Occupation - Running A Bar!"

 SirPoncho22/11/2012 15:09:08 GMT
interesting to see what former world champs to with their winnings,especially to see something productive.
I#m really curious what people like jerry Yang or other former champs do today.
I know that peter eastgate lost a bunch of his money on sports betting and had a "poker Burnout",before he started a succesful comeback
 Mysik8622/11/2012 16:25:26 GMT
Agree... it would be interesting if someone will post regularly posts about "after poker" life of poker champions... Maybe they do something with poker? Maybe charity? Or maybe they broke and sleep on the streets Tongue ?
 Fakiry22/11/2012 18:33:12 GMT
I think he did well. Many others decided to change country, and that was probably the most radical decision among US online players. So, if he had a big prize that he could invest, why not turn it into something else he also likes and get the two things together. Things weren’t easy because there aren’t more charity poker licenses on his state, but he bought an old place and turned it like he dreamed, and now he has his name on the door of a place that generates him more money (even if it is at lower or slower rate), how nice can that be.
 Macubaas22/11/2012 21:19:00 GMT
It's pretty interesting that all big players decided to open bars as buisness...

If i remember correctly and i'm pretty sure i do also the Dand brother opened a very nice restaurant with the money that they earned from poker.
 Greenmohave24/11/2012 01:31:48 GMT
I will be there within the next few months I guarantee. Tht's right up the road from where I live here in Indiana. Actually less then a 2 hour drive so it's a must to go vist sometime soon.
It's sad though, it took "Black Friday" to force people to chamnge something they love doing to pursue other ambitions. It's turned out good for Cada and some, but others, it was thier life. It was also a lot of others favorite pass time after work. I can only say one thing that comes to mind and I really hate being this way, but FK the DOJ and this U.S. dictatorship we're becoming.
 Doarulle24/11/2012 18:36:10 GMT
I hear some players sell theyre bracelets, one year after won important tournament, i never sell my bracelet for few tousand $ ...
 pochui25/11/2012 08:43:51 GMT
well a smart decision- instead of gambling further with his money he decided to invest some of it- now he is getting a constant income, and if he wants to gamble he can safely do it from the profit his bar is making- this way he will never go broke: he would be playing with the money he can lose. good decision Thumbs Up

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