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Ask questions to Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel & Vanessa Rousso - only 6 days left!

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Posted on 29 November 2010 by "T".

By the end of this week we will send your questions to Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel and Vanessa Rousso, so it's high time to put down a few questions on a piece of paper. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to get answers to your questions from 3 of the poker world's most interesting/best players.

No questions are bad questions, and there is no limit on how many questions you can ask each pro. So don't hesitate and state your questions. We will pick 10 questions for each pro and make sure that your mob username shows next to the question that the poker pro in question will answer.

You can post your questions here or below this news article.


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10 comments on "Ask questions to Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel & Vanessa Rousso - only 6 days left!"

 mikeyboy286813/12/2011 17:45:24 GMT
jonathan wich poker tournament have you recently win!!

Posted by mikeyboy2868:
jonathan wich poker tournament have you recently win!!


Sad your to ggoooddd
 jovicakralj13/12/2011 18:00:33 GMT
For Daniel: do you think that aggression is overestimated theese days? Do you think that one of biggest mistakes you can make is to try to play super aggressive style in low limit games just because you saw Dwan or Ivey do that on TV?
For Jonathan: Before WSOP that you won did you have feeling that you will do great in it?
 SuperNoob13/12/2011 19:01:16 GMT
for Daniel - what was the first thing you bought with your poker winnings?

for Vanessa - do you think your poker career would have been at a different stage, if you were a guy?

for Jonathan - you wake up tomorro and find out all your poker wins and fame was just a good dream, what will be your change in attitude towards poker and life?
 TheMachineQC13/12/2011 20:47:54 GMT
For Jonathan - I have seen you play cash games at high stakes poker and pokerstars big game. In tournaments, you don't seem to do many mistakes, but cash games you didn't seem so confortable at the tables, maybe thinking too much, trying to read people too much? Do you feel that way?
 pochui23/12/2011 15:12:05 GMT
damn late for this- but still Vanessa did you consider becoming a porn actress before starting your poker career Spank if so why Kiss if not, why again Tease...and one more- would you consider donating 99 percent of your money to me just because i have no money in my pokerstars account Stupid
 teddybears7323/12/2011 16:00:28 GMT
for daniel.
do you consider yourself to be the best player to come out of canada,
if yes then why? Worship
 Nightmare16123/12/2011 16:15:18 GMT
Daniel - When did you know could play poker for a living.

 SuperNoob23/12/2011 16:21:13 GMT
ok i did the same mistake, many others are doing it.
i blame it on the person who bumped this old thread. Angry Angry
but take a look people - it's more than 1 year old Tongue Tongue
 B1gfoot23/12/2011 17:22:05 GMT
Nothing came of this then.
 Indo36M03/01/2012 13:53:41 GMT
In july 2009 whe went to USA,for a holiday whit a "driving home"so whe said if u are in the USA u have togo to........Vegas!!!!! At that time i didnt play poker,
and if you're there u dont want to sleep and stay in that driving Home Car !!!
So whe where plan to book a Hotel for 2 nights only,and 2 meals ( USA Meal )
what looks like a 3 way menu,so big,but also the price was BiG,u could take the
Presidential room for over 100k ( 1 Night )so took the Lowest room,even the room was bigger then my own HOUSE,whit a bubble tub,cozy livingroom and a
5 persons round water sleeping bed,and offcourse a BAR Filled whit Liquer,
Whiskey and More,whe had the time off ou're live,also we've met Daniel N
A friendly person and also J Duhamel,have their signature offcourse and my
wife told him that he will beat Daniel,he laugh and J Duhamel won....!!!!
I wanna ask if John can remember that moment,but the person ho post this
is/was maybe drunk,anyway It was nice in the MGM hotel( nice big Tiger )
but the most things i rememberd was that the Floormanager give us the bill !!!!
Just for 2 Nights,in the cheapest hotelroom of MGM ,the BAR was empty, and
some phonecalls to Holland,plus a tip off 15% ( not allowed ) is normal there
but when i saw that bill,i think u can see it like u lost a final table,lets say the
WPT final all in whit AA vs 76 and the flop is :J 7 A turn=7 ( AA person think
what should i do whit that 1,5 million $$$ nice a full house )but the river card is.......also a 7 !!! AAA77 vs 7777,thats sick,so it was the bill of MGM Hotel
whitout the 15% tip it was 6500 U$$$ Was it worth? YES ,but today?is there a
rakeback? Dont post something when its not THERE ,u made persons happy whit a death fish( mather off speaking )

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