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PCA High Roller: Bilokur defeated Duhamel heads-up for $1.1 million

Tags: Jonathan Duhamel, Leonid Bilokur, PCA high roller.
Posted on 16 January 2012 by "T".

Last Friday, Leonid Bilokur and Jonathan Duhamel battled it out on the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller final table. Duhamel played amazing on the final table and got to heads-up with a 2-1 chip lead over Bilokur. But Bilokur didn't throw in the towel. Instead he showed no respect whatsoever for the former world champion since he took down pot after pot. Small pots in the beginning, then bigger pots as his confidence grew.

Duhamel almost seemed to be in shock when he had lost the lead, and he never managed to get back after this. Leonid Bilokur won the heads-up and received amazing $1,134,930. Duhamel received $634,550 for his efforts. A lot of money, but still a lot less than the first prize.The heads-up will most probably haunt Duhamel for a very long time.

Final table results:
1 Leonid Bilokur 1,134,930
2 Jonathan Duhamel 634,550 PokerStars Team Pro
3 Isaac Haxton 380,730
4 Jason Koon 271,950
5 Nicolas Fierro 217,560
6 Govert Metaal 181,300
7 Michael Telker 145,040
8 Randy Lew 108,780 PokerStars Team Online

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6 comments on "PCA High Roller: Bilokur defeated Duhamel heads-up for $1.1 million"

 pochui16/01/2012 09:51:41 GMT
yep agreed the memories of such a disappointing heads-up match will haunt duhamel for some time imo. probably he was already picturing himself with the trophy, and heads-up was a no rollecoaster, it was just a one way street- few believed this was going to be the case (maybe some expected that- but duhamel being the one to crush leonid, certainly not the other way around)
 Fakiry16/01/2012 11:23:07 GMT
Wow. Duhamel loosing a 2 to 1 advantage HU? If this wasn’t official almost nobody would believe it. This seems something any pro can only dream about, having this huge advantage to his opponent when reaching final HU! And Duhamel had it and looks like he didn’t had what it takes to deal with it. I bet all pros train the situation of being in disadvantage in a final HU, but maybe Duhamel never trained how to win when having double the chipstack of his opponent Smile
 Greenmohave16/01/2012 12:59:52 GMT
Once you achieve the status that players such as Duhamel have they're not as happy about the money as they are the win / recognition of being one of the best. I actually thought duhamel would take it, but it doesn't always mean the best player will win. Good Luck!
 jsantos7516/01/2012 23:22:50 GMT
Duhamel this the good player
 TheMachineQC17/01/2012 02:43:24 GMT
I'm happy to know that the beating Duhamel took last month didn't affect his game Smile Finishing second is good, you never know how a HU match will end no matter how good the players are...

Anyways, if Duhamel can keep playing like he did in this tournament, he will definetly be around for a long time!
 hulkborges19/01/2012 07:18:27 GMT
duhamel is bad huh, taking punches around, taking second place, the business ta bad for him, at least the prize was 600k, something to console

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