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Jonathan Duhamel No Longer Under The PokerStars Flag

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Posted on 22 April 2015 by "T".

Rumours that PokerStars and Jonathan Duhamel had split up started earlier this month after the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event winner showed up at the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown without PokerStars patches. 

A PokerStars representative yesterday told PokerNews that they "won't be working together in the future" - which put an end to all speculations. Although there's no official statement on the matter (neither from PS nor Duhamel), many believe that PokerStars "got rid" of Duhamel for the same reason as previous pros they didn't renew contract with: to cut expenses and, more importantly, reach out to new markets.

The recent signings of Jason Somerville, who has a very popular live stream, and Japanese celebrity Yuiko Matsukawa might just be the proof of the new direction Amaya Gaming is taking to attract new players to PokerStars.

source: pokernews

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11 comments on "Jonathan Duhamel No Longer Under The PokerStars Flag"

 luisexy6922/04/2015 20:41:49 GMT
Maybe isa good decision for the room, maybe not, in the future they will see if they are doing a nice job, get new faces into the game or they will go back and claim for the old ones.
But is sad to see living out one of the nice's players in the world of poker.

For him, keep the good job and good luck for the future.
 Calmplay23/04/2015 05:02:55 GMT
I'm not shocked and honestly don't really care too, the only player that will departed from PS that I will be very surprised is the big figure of the room Daniel Negreanu...

 doubletop77723/04/2015 09:38:21 GMT
I cant blame all these poker sites for cutting back on paying these professional players because, in my book, it is a waste of money. Feel sorry for Jonathan, though, as he seems like a really nice guy
 Skpmorita23/04/2015 09:43:57 GMT
just winning the main event years ago is not enough anymore
you have to be playing good
jonathan no EPT wins no WPT wins
just one bracelet from 2010 , you guessed right .. it is the main event one
i totally agree with pokerstars .. never believed i would be saying that
poker needs new blood
maybe they will sign a mobster one day
i think jonathan would be fine with his millions
 pochui23/04/2015 09:47:50 GMT
at last the guy is free from pokerstars flag- i can only imagine how tough life must be for one who constantly spends his life under pokerstars flag: when you go to sh1t- you are under pokerstars flag, when you bang random babe- you are under pokerstars flag, when you go to buy some gatorade with ben affleck- you are still under fcukin pokerstars flag... jeez just burn that flag down...
 takingdrugs23/04/2015 12:32:21 GMT
Did Jonathan duhamel win any thing after his main event win ? Can't think I heard of anything.
 Skpmorita23/04/2015 13:10:50 GMT
who ever gave me thumbs down
reveal yourself
and let us discuss
i am sure jonathan is great player and he is one of your favorite
but i can give many names who never won the main event
but still performing great every year
 klash2323/04/2015 14:19:48 GMT
He has won an EPT high roller event soon after winning the main and has won a couple of PCA events as well.He is also has one of the highest earnings in poker.
Even if you take away the $9 million for the main event he has still won 3 million which is more than a lot of the "big names".I don't know how they decide on who will get the patches in tournaments but when it comes to women I am sure it comes down to looks rather than ability as some are pretty average poker players and have won nothing.
 Sorin88825/04/2015 07:58:16 GMT
PokerStars was once the site that boasted the most World Champions, but is now down to only one, as 2010 champ Jonathan Duhamel is no longer a Team Pro.
The Canadian pro boasts live earnings of over $12 million and is one of the few modern day champions to score a big series of six-figure cashes after his world title win.
This leaves the site with just iconic world champion Chris Moneymaker in their roster of players who have taken down the biggest prize in poker.
 Sorin88803/05/2015 10:31:19 GMT
The old sponsorship model is dead. Being good at poker has not been a major prerequisite for endorsement for several years now. The few who are sponsored are much more ambassadors than they are players, and sponsorship is often a full time job, rather than a perk.
Joe Hachem suggested that the World Championship had lost its legacy.
 bowie198416/05/2015 12:28:05 GMT
I never knew these poker rooms have 'flags' but I learn a new thing every day. Poor Jonathan become unflagged and the reason is he hated the flag in the first place. It was red, and reminded him to the Soviet Union.
I guess.

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