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Rafael Nadal's Real-Money Debut On PokerStars

Tags: ESCOOP, pokerstars, rafael nadal, Spanish Championship of Online Poker, sportstar pro.
Posted on 12 December 2012 by "T".

Team PokerStars SportStar Rafael Nadal played his first real-money tournament over the weekend at the brand new Spanish Championship of Online Poker (ESCOOP). The €200 buy-in Main Event saw a field of 1,842 players, all of whom received 20,000 chips each. 

Nadal had a decent start in the tournament as he eliminted one player with a set of 10's against a pair of aces. Then it didn't take long before he won a big pot with KK against QQ. At this time, Rafa had 31,000 chips and things were looking pretty good. However, it didn't take long before he got caught in a bad spot which cost him his entire stack.

According to a Spanish news site, Rafa went all in with ASpadeKHeart on a 3HeartADiamondJHeart flop. Two opponents called; one had JClubJDiamond and the other one had 3Diamond3Club. The turn card was the AHeart and gave Nadal a few outs, but the 2Heart on the river sent him to the rail. In general, Rafa's first real-money tournament on PokerStars was a success and things can only get better now!

By the way... a player with the alias "Tonet_1981" ended up winning the tournament for €49,994 - after making a heads-up deal with "capanota1". 


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20 comments for "Rafael Nadal''s Real-Money Debut On PokerStars"

 GIOMi612/12/2012 10:27:06 GMT
Well congratulations to Rafael Nadal for his first tournament and in the future he will surely win a big online tournament, just keep learning the pokerstrategy and tactics.
 remco250412/12/2012 10:54:19 GMT
Well he doesnt have to worry about going broke playing these tournaments thats for sure.
Anyone knows how much he made playing tennis ?? Must be 10's of millions !
 thefly13112/12/2012 11:01:24 GMT
Well he surely has some work to do, typical or beginners : going all in with just highest pair after the flop.

As it shows he was all-in vs 2 players and way behind top pair-high kicker versus a set of 3 s or set of Jacks

Typical mistake, he should have raised postflop and when the others went allin better folded.

 pochui12/12/2012 11:54:44 GMT
well well well- he's only a rookie but already received the "guided excursion" on the "abilities" of pokerstars software Smile flopping a top pair with great kicker only to find out that 2 of your opponents flopped sets...lol i guess he is "getting back on atp tour quicker then expected" according to insiders Smile
 Fakiry12/12/2012 13:42:26 GMT
Entering a €200 buy-in as the first experience in a tourney is a nice choice. The amount isn’t that much and, taking in consideration the size of the field, the prizes are already relevant. For a tennis champion who should have some millions in a couple of safes, that wasn’t the most relevant, but more – and that should have been discussed with PS – the expertise level he would be finding in most of his opponents. I think he did very well for a first time, and he should have also learned new things, as being in real tourneys gives the player a completely different view about the game, when comparing that with being in private tables playing with PS colleagues.
 DevLME12/12/2012 17:23:08 GMT
Rafa my favorite!
 Sorin88812/12/2012 17:27:58 GMT
The Spanish Championship of Online Poker, €200 event attracted a bumper field of 1,842 runners.
Nadal gets same shit like us from the server,it was poker's most prominent ace that caused Nadal's downfall,pair of Aces against set(2 sets) to be sure Nadal is out.
 Macubaas12/12/2012 20:06:43 GMT
I think it was a really good start for Rafa if you ask me, i have to admit that i'm a bit surprised that he really concentrate on the poker game now.

At beginning i thought that it only was a image move by Pokerstars but it seems Rafa is pretty determined Smile
 jsantos7512/12/2012 21:00:47 GMT
 drsmouk13/12/2012 01:14:16 GMT
good start
 damosk13/12/2012 09:06:55 GMT
Forgive me if I sound cynical, but..... pair of tens, pair of kings and he increases his stack by 50%. i guess most of us mortals could have achieved something like this. I also guess that most of us wouldnt have gone all in (if we were first to call after the flop) as we may have seen an opportunity to see what theothers had with the option of getting a load more into the pot or folding if they reraised us! It also doesnt saywhether he got into the money (Im guessing he didnt). So overall... for a €200 investment it was a pretty rubbish night
 Flippedchips13/12/2012 13:31:57 GMT
So many pros on BRM Big Smile

I am pretty sure this is not his first ever game of poker to Smile Gl to him Smile
 Fakiry13/12/2012 14:46:44 GMT
He is learning to play with some of the best players, they really should know some tricks and have some useful advices to give him to use when on the real tourneys. It’s not the same as learning alone at home, summing losses and keeping beating with the head on the wall until things start flowing on our side. I also guess he will still surprise and generate poker news with his conquers; it’s a matter of time. If this happens, we can see in the future PS promo campaigns with the tennis pro saying “If I could, you also can” and giving a development to the site’s online school.
 SirPoncho13/12/2012 15:13:04 GMT
anyways seems to be a better fit to pokerstars then germam former tennis star boris becker who is playing since some years bt still playing like a fish.
according to hendon mob he's got about 70K$ in live cashes besides playing mutliple big buy ins(10K+).
but i guess for those guys its just like play money for us Blink
 ercsa314/12/2012 04:44:54 GMT
Well.. I wish Rafa a better luck in the future and I would like to see him at the tables a bit more often... Smile
 thefly13114/12/2012 17:59:45 GMT
There s still the question remaining :

Why is PS spending money on the celebrities who have money enough ???

Players like Boris Becker and Nadal and others have money enough to pay for there buy-ins, why is PS sponsoring them.

Let s be serious, it will take ages for these guys to reach a same level as the avarege pro.
 shaqelle128/12/2012 01:13:01 GMT
look everyone... "RAFA's ALL IN!! " hahahahhahah YESSSS ( pokerstars commercial)
 pinku13528/12/2012 05:59:16 GMT
Posted by thefly131:
There s still the question remaining :

Why is PS spending money on the celebrities who have money enough ???

Players like Boris Becker and Nadal and others have money enough to pay for there buy-ins, why is PS sponsoring them.

Let s be serious, it will take ages for these guys to reach a same level as the avarege pro.

Well Rafa Nadal is a public figure , a big celebrity and a great tennis player !!

He surely has enough money to buy in which ever event he wants by his own !!
PS is using him to publicize their brand by sponsoring , as he tours all over the world to play tennis he can even spread poker also the PS !!

So its a good move by PS !! its worth a investment ,,,
IF he wins or not !! he plays , that itself attract many people !!!

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Mysik8628/12/2012 06:34:45 GMT
Exactly! You may ask - why big company (Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, etc) sponsor sports stars/clubs - they have a lot of cash... Yes, but they want more Smile Why Mourinho plays in Gillette ad? For money! Dollar Dollar Dollar

PS. Great start for Rafa - I like him, so I wish him good play & winnings!
 SimpLe-SI28/12/2012 13:38:46 GMT
Thats a typical hand on PS for you. If he had not gone all in on the flop, the "random number generator" would spit the Ace out just to make sure that he'd lose everything on the turn.

I'm sorry, call me cynical or whatever, but I honestly do not trust the Pokerstars software. There just too many bad beats and one is always set up perfectly to make sure that there is a lot of action.

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