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Nadal in New PokerStars TV Advertisement

Tags: Lucia Arroyo, rafa nadal, rafael nadal, team pokerstars sportstar, tennis.
Posted on 03 April 2013 by "T".

To all tennis and/or PokeStars fans out there (in case you missed it), there's new advert with tennis pro and Team PokerStars SportStar Rafael Nadal on youtube! In the advert Rafa (lying in a bathtub) is playing heads up against 2009 pillow fight runner-up Lucia Arroyo and picks up two aces only to run into Arroyo's three of a kind queens. The advert will hit TV screens around the world over the next couple of weeks.

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12 comments on "Nadal in New PokerStars TV Advertisement "

 bullettooth103/04/2013 13:22:55 GMT
I guess poker is a lot more excepted these days. so getting more people who have never thought about playing poker before is a good idea. that's obviously the reason why pokerstars recruited rafa in the first place.
 Fakiry03/04/2013 13:28:15 GMT
Funny. Simple and clever. Completely passes the message of what PS intends to be to its users. Can’t figure out where did they mined to come up with a runner up pillow fighter as Nadal’s opponent, but it just shows anyone can play against any other, and the winner is never pre announced. I hope PS have space for more users, as they will probably appear after this commercial starts to be spread out.
 pajakziom03/04/2013 15:19:38 GMT
good Smile
 demodawggy03/04/2013 16:26:37 GMT
I figured they recruited Rafa for one simple reason,... there's a LOT of money in the tennis community...

Tennis seems to be the sport or game of the affluent... along with golf and polo...

With the odd exception,...just about every tennis pro came from more than a modest background...

Same thing with hockey,...lots of hockey types incorporated into the poker scene. At least over here in North America anyhow...

Lot's of hockey families have big money too...

I guess hockey may be somewhat of a metaphor for poker

And ya seems to be making its way into mainstream society,....just like other vice-like things,...... like lawyers and other professionals dawning their outlaw biker garb and hoppin' on their Harley-Davidsons...
 pinku13503/04/2013 17:55:47 GMT
Good day Smile
Rafa is one the best tennis player around and ps have done a pretty clever thing by roping him in !! it surely is added advantage on the ps side to pull out more people to ps !! i feel his brand value is very good !! and it is capable of pulling a large crowd towards it .. a win win situation to stars Smile

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Weenie03/04/2013 20:36:25 GMT
" it just shows anyone can play against any other, and the winner is never pre announced. "

I also though about it.. wtf pillow fighter? Big Smile I dont know if creator of this commercial thought this way, but very well said buddy Smile

BTW nice donkbet from Rafa 1100 to 200 pot Big Smile
 RoninHarper03/04/2013 20:40:47 GMT
G'day mates

Well I think anything which bring us more fishes to the pool is a good thing.
There will be fresh chum in the waters again Smile
Now all we need is the America players to be allowed back and all will be right with our bankrolls again Smile
be cool mates
 Greenmohave03/04/2013 20:53:54 GMT
That's killer! A pillow fighter against a pro tennis playerat HU poker. IT would be nice to actually see these ads on U.S.A. tele so they'd get it through their thick skulls! Pokwer shouldn't be illegal!
 Fakiry04/04/2013 13:48:12 GMT
This guys in this area do a lot of brainstorming before they actually create any type of product/commercial to show the client for evaluation. They discuss it a lot. "What do they offer?", "Who's the main audience/target of this product?", "Who will we be talking to?", "How do people that use the products from this company look at it?" and "How does the company wants to be seen by its audience/public/clients?" are just some of the questions they accurately answer before even get to a start of an idea of the commercial. It must be fun to work on it, but it sure also gives lots of headackes before the final product is done.
 Doarulle04/04/2013 17:40:24 GMT
From that advertisment i understand just cuz you can lose with AA if you're not aggresive Big Smile btw, recruting the best tenis player you can recruit a lot of people who like him Big Smile
 Macubaas05/04/2013 08:50:34 GMT
Pretty nice advert, i already saw it on news sport last night Big Smile

It's impressive to see how much money stars invest in adverts nowadays, i mean on sport channels that i watch there is almost every hour an stars promo.
 rbdflyboy05/04/2013 22:06:10 GMT
have to admit that is a good me laughing pretty good. The splash is what did it for me...surprised he didn't drown his phone. Shock

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