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EPT Prague: 21 Players Remain - Lodden and Jelassi are two of them!

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Posted on 14 December 2012 by "T".

Day 4 started with 3 players with more than a million chips each: Ramzi Jelassi, Chris Brammer and Sotorious Koutoupas. Brammer didn't make it, but both Jelassi (1,975,000 - 3rd place) and Koutoupas (1,450,000 - 8th) pressed on and made it through the day with healthy stacks.

The Day 1 and Day 2 chip leader Iosif Beskrovnyy also made it through the day, but he only has 390,000 chips left - about 1/3 of the average stack - so he will need to double up quickly during Day 5 to have a chance of making the final table. The most well-known face among the remaining players is the Norwegian poker pro Johnny Lodden with 763,000. It would be amazing to see him on the final table!

Now, the 2012 EPT Prague Main Event is down to 21 players, all of whom are guaranteed €25,000 each. Ben Warrington will lead the way into Day 5 with 2,618,000 chips, and he is closely followed by David Boyaciyan with 2,469,000 chips. It will be interesting to see if these two will manage to keep a cool head when the final table, where some serious cash is up for grabs, is so close.

Day 5 seat draws:

Table 1
1. Dany Parlafes, Romania, 810,000
2. Diego Gomez Gonzalez, Spain, 1,433,000
3. Aleh Plauski, Belarus, PokerStars qualifier, 1,450,000
4. Johnny Lodden, Norway, Team PokerStars Pro, 763,000
5. Sotirios Koutoupas, Greece, PokerStars qualifier, 1,450,000
6. Iosif Beskrovnyy, Russia, 390,000
7. Ben Warrington, UK, PokerStars player, 2,618,000
8. Marco Leonzio, Italy, 416,000

Table 2
2. Jose Manuel Nadal Sordo, Mexico, PokerStars qualifier, 1,109,000
3. Jeff Sarwer, Canada, 1,233,000
4. Andreas Berggren, Sweden, PokerStars player, 1,619,000
6. David Boyaciyan, Netherlands, Live Satellite, 2,469,000
7. Ramzi Jelassi, Sweden, 1,975,000
8. Jorma Nuutinen, Finland, PokerStars qualifier, 463,000

Table 3
1. Mikhail Petrov, Russia, 1,034,000
2. Mariusz Klosinski, Poland, 1,524,000
4. Roberto Romanello, UK, 341,000
5. Sergey Kuzminskiy, Russia, PokerStars qualifier, 1,166,000
6. Mark Herm, USA, PokerStars player, 612,000
7. Mads Amot, Norway, PokerStars player, 1,250,000
8. Sergio Aido Espina, Spain, PokerStars player, 1,792,000


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6 comments on "EPT Prague: 21 Players Remain - Lodden and Jelassi are two of them!"

 Fakiry14/12/2012 14:50:49 GMT
Things weren’t easy for Beskrovnyy, he is only one place away from the end of the rank. Now he will start Day 5 with the chip leader on his table and as the lowest stack at that table. Either he gets good hands fast or he can be going home sooner than he may expected after such good beginning. There are still two Iberian players on this group, both Spanish. Although not Portuguese, I hope they can defend well their flag, being the closest ones to my country, it’s politically correct for me to be on their side. So: Go Gonzalez, go Espina!!!
 Weenie14/12/2012 15:38:07 GMT
Slovaks and Czech player are already out grrr Big Smile For me pretty "nonamed" players left by the way its live streaming on pokerstars right now, If someone is interested about watching..
 Sorin88814/12/2012 20:08:55 GMT
Ben Warrington was short on chips near the money bubble on Day 3, and he had to survive an all-in where his Pocket Kings held against an opponent's Ace-Nine. Warrington, a native of England, has 1 previous EPT Main Event cash and about $67,000 in lifetime live tournament earnings.

 Macubaas16/12/2012 20:28:13 GMT
Not such a big poker names indeed but nowadays you never know when an total stranger could become the next poker superstar Smile

The final table should be indeed interesting, even the prizes are pretty good on this one so it should be fun!
 Sorin88817/12/2012 07:35:15 GMT
Ramzi Jelassi Wins the EPT Prague
1st Ramzi Jelassi €835,000
2nd Sotirios Koutoupas €510,000
3rd David Boyaciyan €310,000
4th Ben Warrington €250,000
5th Diego Gomez €196,000
6th Sergey Kuzminskiy €150,000
7th Aleh Plauski €108,400
8th Mark Herm €75,000
 ACK20/12/2012 08:25:11 GMT
More than 50% pokerstars player in the final table m/

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