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Viktor Blom is back in business - won $560,000 last night

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Posted on 24 January 2012 by "T".

After a terrible losing streak last weekend, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom took a break at 16:00 on Monday. It didn't take long before people started speculating in whether or not the young swede had cleaned out his PokerStars account. But at 01:00 am on Tuesday he returned to the $50/$100 and $100/$200 Omaha tables and continued playing.

Things went much better for him then, and after about 3,600 hands against several regulars at the nosebleed tables he got away with a $560,000 profit. Most of the money came from Phil "MrSweets" Galfond, who lost about $350k that night.

"I need to work on my all-in game." Galfond wrote on his twitter yesterday.


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14 comments on "Viktor Blom is back in business - won $560,000 last night"

 KoldShadow24/01/2012 13:06:23 GMT
Galfond is indeed a PLO legend, but his strength is 6max . . . he consistently gets PWN'd by Izzy, who is arguably the best HU player in online poker (at least at the high/nosebleed stakez).
 mahdrof24/01/2012 14:02:34 GMT
I would have to agree with you there. Viktor Blom is one scary dude heads up, and to stick it to somebody as skilled and respected as Phil Galfond is a heck of a thing. Now all he needs is a proper haircut, and I know just the barber for him... me! Blink
 Macubaas24/01/2012 17:23:04 GMT
This is sick, all tracking sites show that he is around 612.000 dollars up in the last 24 hours...
Lets hope he doesn't lose tham all in the next hour lol
 pochui24/01/2012 20:51:56 GMT
ah there is no point in looking at one day or another- today he might me up a million, tomorrow down two millions, week after up again- it is a total roller coaster out there at the nosebleed tables, actually i do believe that high stakes tables are best to compare with the micro stakes tables (1/2 cents) look at the dudes over there- they win/lose/lose/win and on and on- the only difference is a few more zero's at the end of pot total
 kinogomes24/01/2012 21:13:28 GMT
At this point i have no doubt Bloom is the best HU player of all time. He is sick playing HU, and in my opinion his weakness is the 6max fishy tables.
 IceFingers24/01/2012 23:36:38 GMT
I agree with the micro/highstakes comment..
 Greenmohave25/01/2012 00:51:00 GMT
This guy is amazing in the least up and down and down and up. Then of all it's Omaha which is something a lot of players don't fare well at. I would hate to be the one down 360K, but if all I had to say is I need to work on my HU I guess no worries Ay?
 Fakiry25/01/2012 11:45:49 GMT
Galfond’s sadness is Blom’s happiness, it’s always like this. But these guys know each other very well, it must be one of the main problems of playing in this levels. Either you play online or live, it will take a long time till a new unknown player appears to play at these levels. And this only means he will be new at those levels, most probable when this happens is to be a very well-known player from a lower level who decided to try out higher flights.
 Macubaas25/01/2012 17:28:23 GMT
You also need to take in consideration the sick variance you get in plo, i mean even on regular players it's pretty common to have minus 10 buy ins downswings...
If you ask me i think a PLO star nowadays is Jens, his game is rock solid!!
 DaCapo7125/01/2012 18:16:33 GMT
This swings are so crazy. And with his aggressive playing style im wondering that he gos not broke. But as a Stars pro he have a big credit Big Smile
 Chartoule26/01/2012 11:21:53 GMT
It amazes me the ability of this guy to win and lose large amounts of money and then say the things he says.

better not to see his HM graph should cause dizziness.

 anan8522/02/2012 21:30:10 GMT
"It amazes me the ability of this guy to win and lose large amounts of money and then say the things he says."

I am new to this Starpoker thing, but this Viktor excites me, but I don't know anything about him, except he won a hell a lot of freaking $ in tournaments. But he looks so young! How can that be?
 Indo36M22/02/2012 21:57:41 GMT
he's a good hu player,but if you bet raise resaise like vic blom,or all in whit 25k,can you speak
about addiction?like a mobster said inhere he's going up n down whit the money,i also read stuff
like bankroll management,dont think that it works 4 him.they talk about losing 500k,well i would
be pissed if i lost 500k,i'm pist if i lose 50$ or even 20bucks,imagen 500k!!! i would burn my pc
i dont ever earn 500k in my entire life,and he play whit that like monopoly dollars
 Indo36M01/03/2012 19:09:43 GMT
u need to work about you're addiction,lose money like its nothing......while other people/children dies in the world,and u play whit money like i play whit monopoly,the more money a person got,how selfish he would be,and dont give
a damn whats hapend whit little baby's i a warzone,or in haiti after the earquake,if i could,i would,,like a player from USA,also a goodplayer,won in a year over 500k and when i asked him to buy mine 55$ ticket,he wanted to give
15 dollar,i rather would give away that ticket then sell it to a big EgOIST,pitty that if some people win big money that they started to walk next to their shoes

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