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2012 WSOP: The November Nine Era comes to an end

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Posted on 02 February 2012 by "T".

When the 2011 WSOP Main Event came to an end many said that there wouldn't be a November Nine the following year. These "speculations" were confirmed the other day by WSOP on twitter.

Here are some WSOP's latest tweets:
-A few hints on WSOP schedule coming won't find the November Nine returning.

-Another good change coming to WSOP in off day during Main Event.

-The WSOP Main Event this year will be 3 days shorter without compromising structure at all.

-All days will play the standard 5 levels guaranteed...except potentially the last day. Start play at 12 noon, finish 12:40 am.

But even though November 9 has been removed from the Main Event, it doesn't mean that it won't be a delayed final table. Instead of being played in November, the final table will now be played on October 28th, with heads up play on Tuesday, October 30th.

The final table will once again take place at the Penn & Teller Theater at the Rio, and ESPN and ESPN2 will be there to film it so everyone can follow the action.


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8 comments on "2012 WSOP: The November Nine Era comes to an end"

 LimburgCwboy02/02/2012 10:33:38 GMT
If they now play a final table with 8 players, they can call it, with a bit of Spanish mixed in)
The October Ocho
 Fakiry02/02/2012 15:36:21 GMT
After all, it doesn’t look like the changes will be that extreme as they seem when this subject came to public. It is only a little re-schedule. This must have something to do with other commitments, or else they wouldn’t have nothing to win with the changing.
 pochui02/02/2012 15:50:15 GMT
so if they play 8 people final table and do it in october, couldn't they just go for a name like october 8, lol, it was funny to me to see those november 9 dudes coming to play like hollywood stars- a great show, but a show is a show and nothing more- that summarizes poker quite well- it is a big show these days
 Indo36M02/02/2012 18:31:24 GMT
Well i hope to play the Heads Up final in October 2012,a dream where a lott of
players dreaming at,if this dream comes true,i start my grand cafe somewhere
in the Carabean.ZZzzZZzzzZZZZ dream on Meyl............( but see you all in Vegas ) ...... Blink Indo36M
 hoodi42002/02/2012 23:50:48 GMT
Looking forward to final table coverage again this year. Streaming live with a 15 min delay was amazing! Finally we don't have to watch a poker highlights show!
 Greenmohave03/02/2012 00:48:08 GMT
I been following a lot more of the playing this past year and I think the change is due to the timing of other events that take place in Vegas in early November. I mean NASCAR finishes at this time and has their championship celebration in Vegas now. Another thing is ratings are better when there's no breaks betwen the days! Just an opinion though!
 GIOMi604/02/2012 11:50:19 GMT
Well I think it is a nice promotional stunt then we don't have to wait so many months for the crowning of the WSOP Champion.
 KoldShadow07/02/2012 06:11:04 GMT
Posted by LimburgCwboy:
If they now play a final table with 8 players, they can call it, with a bit of Spanish mixed in)
The October Ocho

The coverage on ESPNDeportes would likely deem it "El Ocho de Octubre". lol Cool I echo most of the other sentiment here, as this scheduling change dovetails with the NFL, NBA & NHL kicking off (but before heating up), with the World Series of MLB having completed.

Still holding my breath on those live nosebleed cash games in Macau to be televised/heavily promoted. Tongue

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