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WSOP - Main Event: This is how much Phil Ivey gets if he wins

Tags: full tilt, main event, november nine, phil ivey, poker hall of fame, wsop.
Posted on 06 August 2009 by "K".

Phil Ivey, is probably the best poker player in the world at cash games and tournaments since a few years back. He has won millions of dollars live, online and from different tournaments. He's greatest achievements during his whole poker career however, has to be that he has won 7 WSOP bracelets. It also thanks to his huge success in WSOP that he's now one of the top candidates to get voted in to "Poker Hall Of Fame".

At the moment, Phil Ivey, is one of the 9 players that will play the WSOP main event final table in November this year. On the final table, he has the chance to get another WSOP bracelet and also to win over 20 million dollars. This huge amount of money, according to an article on a poker site. This is how the author of this article came to this conclusion.

1st prize = $8,5 million + $10 million extra from Full Tilt (assuming that Full Tilt pros have the same deal as satellite qualifiers) + $2 million for the side bet he placed with Andy Bloch ($20,000 to 99,1 times the money when around 2400 players still were in the tournament) + $1 million from Tom Dwan. 

The total winnings according to this calculation would therefore be $21,5 million dollars. But who knows? Maybe Phil placed more than 2 side bets on himself to win the main event?


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17 comments for "WSOP - Main Event: This is how much Phil Ivey gets if he wins"

 fochizza06/08/2009 16:55:58 GMT
21,5 million thats a good motivator to win Big Smile
 Fakiry06/08/2009 17:24:29 GMT
He has 21.500.000 reasons to make his best effort to win that final table in November. Even though, i think he dont need to win to guarantee his entrance in the "Poker Hall Of Fame". He already deserves to be there!
 Dellbo9906/08/2009 17:25:24 GMT
yep the $8.5M wasn't enough to get him excited - now though he'll probably try
 taaster06/08/2009 18:35:43 GMT
he could loose some bets too Big Smile
 AvegZ06/08/2009 19:43:22 GMT
so andy bloch gotta pay 42 million with a $20k bet, hahaha

$2 millions ofc
 shokaku06/08/2009 19:46:40 GMT
Who needs the first price money, when he can make such sitebets? Big Smile

I guess Bluch will be sweating the other players at the final table.
 mcsnakey76507/08/2009 08:40:26 GMT
wow thats funny $21.5mill its such a shame he wont win david moon will if u look at his tournament histoyr in WSOP hes gonna win
 PokerJosh09/08/2009 02:01:28 GMT
Why does FT pay 10 Million for to the winner of the WSOP (when he's connected with FT).
I mean why so much and why in general...
 PhoenixRazz09/08/2009 06:58:27 GMT
21.5 millions are a very good sum of money...

Are a genial motivator for play and win the tourney (To whom would not motivate it? Big Smile )

I think that Full Tilt Pay 10 millions more for publicity, is good for they that a WSOP champion play in their software and attract more players.
 sabat0n10/08/2009 14:06:08 GMT
He has a great chance and motivation to win this tournamet. I thin he is a favorite.
 Assad9110/08/2009 14:25:32 GMT
I don't think it's the money that motivate him. Winning the ME is worth a billion to him imo
 IdiocracyLT11/08/2009 05:23:12 GMT
BIG amount... He is a good player, I hope he will win! Smile
 Btownd8713/08/2009 16:34:59 GMT
I don't think Ivey will get the $10 million extra, because he no doubt paid for his own buy-in. That $10 mil promo was for people who satellited their way to the main event through full tilt.
 TthreeO13/08/2009 16:44:50 GMT
I want to be him right now Tongue
 dviveidis14/08/2009 08:29:30 GMT
I hope he will win, cause i made a symbolic bet before WSOP.
 AllanQ20/08/2009 22:15:31 GMT
I really hope he wins. But I doubt it since he's kind of short stacked. Last year I made a bet on Peter Eastgate and was lucky, this year I don't think I'm gonna bet at all.
 Flangel20/08/2009 23:07:53 GMT
Posted by AllanQ:
I really hope he wins. But I doubt it since he's kind of short stacked. Last year I made a bet on Peter Eastgate and was lucky, this year I don't think I'm gonna bet at all.

I ve bet 500€ on it he made it in the top 3. If he does, I get 2K in return. ( among friends)
It's more about the 1st place and bracelet and being called the WSOP champion then the cash.

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