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PokerStars: Sunday Million with $6,000,000 guaranteed!

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Posted on 24 February 2012 by "T".

The celebration of different milestone hands and other things never seem to stop on PokerStars. But it's all good since PokerStars keeps on spoiling its customers with amazing cash prizes everytime they celebrate something.

On March 11, 14:30 ET, it's time again as PokerStars will be celebrating the 6th Anniversary of the weekly Sunday Million tourney by hosting a Sunday Million tournament with an amazing $6 million guarantee. The winner of this tournament is guaranteed to walk away with at least $1 million!

There have been many Sunday Million tournaments throughout the years. In fact, a total of 278 Sunday Millions have been played with 2,116,513 entries and $444,149,600 in prize money. Many of today's biggest stars have taken part in many of these tournaments before and after they turned pro. Here is what some Team PokerStars Pros had to say about Sunday Million...

Bertrand ‘ElkY' Grospellier

"My favourite memory of the big Sunday tournament on PokerStars is the time I finished 12th. This was my first really deep run in a tournament of this size, and I was so excited. There is a huge Sunday Million on March 11, with $1M guaranteed for first. It may not feel the same for me as the first time I went deep, but I'll be trying just as hard. See you there."

Jason Mercier

"When I think of the Sunday Million, I think back to being a 19-21 year old kid, grinding mid-stakes, looking for that big tournament score. I would get excited every week to play the Sunday Million, hoping that would be the day that I would have my first six-figure score."

Johnny Lodden

"This is one of the few tournaments where you can really score big. I have fun memories of playing the Sunday Million with my buddies, with football games on TV in the background. A friend won a big Sunday tournament in the old days, and first prize was $8,000. A long way from where we are now!"

Liv Boeree

"When playing the Sunday Million, it's important to be patient. It attracts huge numbers, and in order to navigate your way through, you have to learn to play the waiting game if the cards don't cooperate."


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12 comments on "PokerStars: Sunday Million with $6,000,000 guaranteed!"

 mascona24/02/2012 11:07:13 GMT
Bla bla bla, translation: 30 K players = 450.000 $ fee for PokerStars
 rv24/02/2012 11:47:54 GMT
Must have incredible feeling playing at final table. Good luck to all who's participating!
 MIGO1424/02/2012 12:46:00 GMT
Well I guess I will try to qualify through a sattelite.
Maybe I get lucky and win an entry for this.
Never played such a tourney before so it would be very interesting to me to participate.
 Fakiry24/02/2012 14:19:57 GMT
If someone at Pokerstars could manage to win more than one of this events, it would be doing enough to enter the best winnings Top20, at least. The problem is, with millions of players around and 10% of them going to try to get it, it turns almost impossible to get more than a first prize from this tourneys. Pokerstars really rules with all this events, just hope their managers keep the company in the right way!
 pochui24/02/2012 14:47:37 GMT
well spotted- almost half a million collected from fees- wow just amazing...hey liv i promise to be patient if you promise to suck my Tease afterwards. anyway really huge guarantee, where the hell are freeroll feeders top the tourney, we small stake "pro's" want a piece of the pie as well
 kwasac24/02/2012 19:51:39 GMT
Won it and you are millionaire... Organize it, you are millionaire too... Smile Wouldn't miss it if I had the money....
 mascona25/02/2012 07:37:01 GMT
Mission impossible ---> I'll better go to see it in cinema, than spend 5 hours online for nothing. Confused
 damosk25/02/2012 07:46:09 GMT
It makes me laugh......everyone wants something and some people go on and make the effort to get something whether it through mad perceverence from a freeroll to someone coughing up a decent buy in or the organiser making money on setting up a fantastic offer. There is always different ways of making money, all we have to do is make our choices about how to try and do it. Its a balance guys; just try and enjoy yourself as you follow whichever course YOU chose and dont moan too much about your own choices!
Poker is such a release.... I sometimes dont care that I bomb out with a monster to a random loser of a hole hand cos thats poker!

And dont foget, someone always wins!
 MANUEDO25/02/2012 14:54:15 GMT
Totally agree with you all and with Mascona in particular ( really funny post Smile). I like online poker but if I have no chance to win, I lose all feeling. Better to play stngo's
 rv26/02/2012 11:45:03 GMT
First step of winning something is to actually believe that you can do it. Faith, my friend, is very powerful tool if used correctly Smile
 mishu200926/02/2012 12:09:11 GMT
i would like to play too at this tourney, but unfortunetly for me, i can`t afford to pay that buy in, is to much for me...200$+15$ much...but i will try to some satellites, maybe i will qualify from there...Hope to qualify, cause now is the biggest prize ever at Sunday million....Good luck to all of you if u participate at this tourney
 Macubaas26/02/2012 20:02:12 GMT
Now these must be heaven for all online tournament players, i mean it's known that pokerstars is the site to choose when it come to mtt.

Lets hope that those that play mtt and on this tournament will get a share of the prize Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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