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Unibet buys Bet24 for €13.5 million!

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Posted on 12 April 2012 by "T".

Yesterday it was announced that Unibet, a Swedish betting company, has bought the well-known MTG-owned gaming site Bet24 and its activities for approximately €13,5 million. The 45 employees working at Bet24 today will now be relocated to Unibet's office on Malta. Unibet will run both trademarks separately in the beginning, but in 3-6 months time they hope to have all Bet24's customers integrated to its own platform.

The main reason why Unibet purchases Bet24 is to strengthening its position in the recently regulated Danish market.

"We can't give any numbers at the moment, but we hope to double the turnover on the Danish market. We wont't be far behind the biggest operator on the market, which is a a situation we are satisfied with, but of course our aim is to become the biggest operator on the Danish market," said Unibet's CEO Henrik Tjarnstrom.

"The sale of Bet24 is in line with our focus on our core broadcasting operations, said MTG President and CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht. "We have developed and expanded our online betting and gaming businesses over the past seven years as the industry has become more and more competitive. Unibet is one of the largest and most established players in the European market and therefore provides an attractive platform for Bet24 customers and for the further development of the business."

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13 comments on "Unibet buys Bet24 for €13.5 million!"

 pochui12/04/2012 08:46:16 GMT
not sure if this was necessary- i think unibet could have easily entered the market with a newly created brand themselves or just expanded with a very well known unibet brand itself? i am sure the regulations in denmark wouldn't be a big issue for such a well known brand/company?
 Chartoule12/04/2012 11:56:30 GMT
I think is a good move and 13.5 million seems accurate. Step by step Unibet grows, better do it slowly than a crazy quickly grow, as we have seen in many sites.
 Fakiry12/04/2012 12:36:38 GMT
“Relocated employees”? Better think about fired employees, who will take his entire life in Sweden and change to Malta? I would say a max of 2%, which means that, from all the 45, only one will keep the same job. At least let us users/players take some profit out of this, if they will be better from now on after this business, let’s see how they will improve in the online poker scene.
 GIOMi612/04/2012 16:18:06 GMT
Well I hope that there will be more promotions on the unibet's platform, because they have little on promotions, they need some strong marketing activities.
 grahamy2712/04/2012 21:21:31 GMT
i dont play on unibet but they sponsor some prominent football teams. as for employees relocating, employees do this all over the world.if some one wants their job bad enough they will relocate as its not that easy to find a job anymore
 shokaku13/04/2012 04:59:01 GMT
And another room gone. But it looks like a good dealto me. Both companys have the whole range of online gambling on offer, poker, casino and sports betting.
 Macubaas13/04/2012 06:41:11 GMT
I recently made an account on UNibet and frankly i really like that platform so it's god to hear it will have even more players on it.

Also they recently launched Fast Poker, so it could become a serious player on the poker market Smile
 GeneYuss13/04/2012 13:13:21 GMT
I got the free bankroll on Unibet awhile ago. I won like $400 and they gave me trouble cashing out , took them 3 weeks to cashout to Moneybookers but I did get the money.
 GoTrixo14/04/2012 08:58:23 GMT
"I got the free bankroll on Unibet awhile ago." how can you get free bankroll at Unibet? i have acc there already.. but i have never seen a no deposit free bankroll on Unibet anywhere.
 busjohan15/04/2012 17:30:05 GMT
Thats good news!Ive heard that bet24 was blacklistet but if Unibet owns it now it probably is back in buissnes=)
 bowie198428/05/2015 15:32:05 GMT
Usually there is a good reason why one establishment is backlisted, though I was registered here back then I didn't have any notable problem with them.
And as I see there won't be any problem with them in the future since they ceased exist. Now the question is why was a link to this from Viktor Bloom's twitch article? Some foreshadowing I guess...
 klash2330/05/2015 14:42:29 GMT
Being in the UK I have not heard of bet24 but there seems to be a theme going on that the smaller gambling sites are being taken over by the bigger sites who are then being bought up by big financial organisations.
 bowie198403/06/2015 19:30:57 GMT
Well, it's part of the economic common sense that big fishes eat up the little ones at one point. We could call the one above to a neccessary market consodilation because Unibet is still active in most of the european market anyway. Altough they are not buying licences left and right.

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