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Davidi Kitai wins EPT Berlin for €712,000!

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Posted on 23 April 2012 by "T".

Day 1a chip leader Vladimir Geshkenbein (EPT Snowfest winner), Day 1b chip leader Cengiz Ulusu (finished 8th in 2009 EPT Dortmund) and Day 2 chip leader Anton Wigg (EPT Copenhagen winner). All of them made deep runs in the EPT Berlin main event but unforturnately none of them were among the 8 players who battled it out on the final table on Saturday.

In fact, the only real well-known name on the final table was the Canadian pro Andrew Chen and he finished 2nd for €613,000 due to a deal with the winner Davidl Kitai. Kitai is the most successful tournament player ever from Belgium, and he's a respected name among many tournament players. However, this win made sure that he is known by the rest of the world as well. Below are the final table results:

1) Davidi Kitai, €712 000
2) Andrew Chen, €613 000
3) Andre Morath, €290 000

4) Mario Puccini, €220 000
5) Bahadir Kilickeser, €172 000

6) Cesar Garcia, €133 000

7) Marc Wright, €97 000
8) Pratyush Buddiga, €72 000

10) Vladimir Geshkenbein €51,000
14) Anton Wigg €30,000
31) Cengiz Ulusu €17,500


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6 comments on "Davidi Kitai wins EPT Berlin for €712,000!"

 Fakiry23/04/2012 12:02:37 GMT
Some well-known local players should invest more in their careers just like Davidi Kitai did. I guess he must have already won some good prizes in Belgium, but trying to be successful outside and reach the objective must be an excellent sensation. Maybe some others should follow his steps and apply their knowledge in foreign countries.
 noonlion23/04/2012 12:24:27 GMT
Nice nice takedown - coming first in a major event must be so satisfying.
 GIOMi624/04/2012 01:18:46 GMT
Congratulations to Davidi Kitai for winning this tournament and I wish him best of luck at future live tournaments, Keep it up.
 Chartoule24/04/2012 09:54:38 GMT
Congrats to Davidi Kitai for his great win in the EPT Berlin. 712k € nice up to his bankrolll, lol.

Congrats too at the great Cesar Garcia. He will win a big one sooner or later.
 lukasb24/04/2012 10:14:41 GMT
I was seeing this one live on tv for 30 minutes or so... saw Buddiga getting kicked out holding AQ os against A10 os that got its pair on the turn card.
Some major bluffing going on there also lol. Seeing the uncut version really gives u ( or me that never played live) the full perspective on how things go on a mtt... even as late as the final table. Didnt look much different of what u see on stars lol. Would really open some eyes n to ppl that complain about its software, that or they would start shouting at the dealer saying its all fixed.
 Macubaas24/04/2012 10:39:57 GMT
I actually saw the final table and the HU part on TV and it was a really good match...

Also i must admit there was a good player good for this EPT and the prizes were also pretty attractive Smile

Congrats for the winner once again!

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