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EPT Berlin: 24 players left - Englishman Marc Wright in the lead

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Posted on 20 April 2012 by "T".

Yesterday the third day of the EPT Berlin main event began with 102 players. The chip leader was EPT Copenhagen winner Anton Wigg with 695k, closely followed by EPT Snowfest winner Vladimir Geshkenbein. Both of them had one hell of a roller coaster ride during Day 3 but still made it through to Day 4 with decent stacks.

The new chip leader is Marc Wright from Cornwall, England. Wright overtook the lead from Wigg and Geshkenbein already during the second level of play, then continued playing well till the tournament director called it a day. Wright will bring 2,4 million chips to the tables today, some 89k ahead of Thomas Cibak, from Czech Republic, in second place.


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4 comments on "EPT Berlin: 24 players left - Englishman Marc Wright in the lead"

 Fakiry20/04/2012 12:51:53 GMT
The problem of being an early chip leader is that everyone will fear them until someone gets a good hand to try to attack their stack. If, on one side, they are strongest on the table, on the other side, they are the best place to go when you have the possibility to double your own chips. If chip leader don’t keep quiet looking for the game between others, they put their position and sometimes the game at risk. It’s always tricky!
 Chartoule20/04/2012 13:23:44 GMT
I agree fakiry.The other big stacks don´t play vs chipleader nothing except really great hands. And small stacks are waiting to double vs the chipleader. No easy decissions being chipleader and all of us want to be it.
 noonlion20/04/2012 14:21:53 GMT
The thing is being the chip leader you are a magnet for chips as long as you don't start to make stupid mistakes.

Blind steals, people are afraid to play against you, they'd rather pick on someone weaker.
 GIOMi621/04/2012 22:54:14 GMT
I never heard of Marc Wright before, is he wellknown MTT specialist, I hope he wins this tournament and may the flop be with him.

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