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2012 SCOOP: High-Stakes Phenomenon "MaiseE" wins Event 24 for $107,422

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Posted on 15 May 2012 by "T".

The Swedish High Roller "MaiseE, who is rumored to be ex PokerStars Pro William Thorson, dominated the final table of Event 24-High $1,050 Pot Limit Omaha and took home $107,422 after defeating Milana Jones heads-up.

MaiseE had to survive a field of 282 players to take home his biggest ever online tournament cash. There were many big names who participated in the tournament. For example: Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee almost made it to the final table but eventually finished in 13th place for $8,667.

Final table results:
1. MaiseE - $107,422
2. Milana Jones - $85,327
3. JRADF79 - $80,259
4. LukeFromB13 - $81,694
5. IneedMassari - $37,236
6. AlexKP - $28,890
7. Jamie_KK - $22,470
8. Danny98765 - $16,050
9. TheCleaner11 - $12,198


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8 comments on "2012 SCOOP: High-Stakes Phenomenon "MaiseE" wins Event 24 for $107,422"

 marinho15/05/2012 15:25:11 GMT
Nice win. Gratulations
 pochui15/05/2012 15:33:56 GMT
who is this MaiseE, who? who? it's jackie chan...rumors are floating that it also might be someone from outer space, since all the players who played with MaiseE online at the same table felt that gravitation stopped existing for 14 or 27 seconds exactly, know one knows what this means, but justin beaber might have something to do with this
 noonlion15/05/2012 17:53:11 GMT
sweet take down.

any return like that is awesome

1000 to 100000 - you don't get interest like that in a bank
 Macubaas15/05/2012 19:35:02 GMT
Very nice results for him, we really needed a new Isildur1 story in the front page lol

Now i'm not really sure if he really is Thornson but one thing is clar: he definately knows the game...
 geberchek16/05/2012 05:36:32 GMT
amazing.. he really know how to play
he deserved for the big prize..
very nice. good job.
 Fakiry16/05/2012 14:32:15 GMT
During the last two weeks most freerolls I play at Pokerstars are Omaha hi/low, but I think limit turns things even more difficult. If, on one side, one won’t lose everything in the first attempt to get a good pot, on the other side, sometimes it would be great if we had the opportunity to go all-in so we could increase our stack. Knowing how to play with those factors is probably as difficult as playing no-limit. A good hand can turn into a bad one just because the limit amount of bet will allow opponents to take the risk of seeing another card at the table, which can turn odds upside down. MaiseE must be really good at this.
 daryan1118/05/2012 16:31:44 GMT
congratulations to the winner
 uhhcallmi18/05/2012 18:32:25 GMT
luck,,luck and again luck is the main factor to ship such tournament..

i ended 3rd place in a plo tournament with 8000 players...

how did i do that??? 75% luck 25 % skill...once i got a nice chipstack...more then most at the tables in that tourn. i could lose many pots and still be in the i managed to reach the final table and ended 3rd....

oh yeah , it was a freeroll on pokerstars...bye the way..

of course you have to know a bit of the game,,, but what u realy need is a boost by winning some mayor pots...and move from there on...

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