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Viktor "Isildur1" Blom wins his second SCOOP Event!

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Posted on 09 May 2012 by "T".

After winning Event #2-Medium for $247,200 on Monday night, it didn't even take 24 hours until Viktor "Isildur1" Blom striked again and won his second Spring Championship of Online Poker event! The win came in Event #3-High NLH 6-max rebuy Action Hour - after defeating a player called "Ruxandescu" from Romania heads-up.

The win gave Blom $160,000 and his second SCOOP title. In total, Blom has now won $407,200 in the 2012 SCOOP! The money will most probably come handy for the young Swede who lost $429,441 on PokerStars high stakes tables last month.

Today's SCOOP Events:
17:00 - #9 - NLH SuperKnockout (buy-in: $27 / $215 / $2100)
20:00 - #10 - Stud (buy-in:$27 /$215 / $2100)
23:00 - #11 - PL Omaha Hi/lo 6-max (buy-in: $7.50 / $82 / $700)

Click here for more information on the 2012 SCOOP.


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8 comments on "Viktor "Isildur1" Blom wins his second SCOOP Event!"

 Fakiry09/05/2012 10:45:23 GMT
He is dedicated to SCOOP this year. On one side, I think many people feel disappointed for watching such a star going for tourneys like this (we can consider it a small one for Blom, comparing to what he is used to), like if it was unfair competition. But, on the other side, I think he is also cleaning the image of the general poker pros, which have recently lost a lot of big tourneys to unknown players. Lets see how many more will he be able to take.
 remco250409/05/2012 10:58:15 GMT
men CANT believe this shit cmon hahaha sure
 MarcWinz09/05/2012 11:07:01 GMT
Fair play to him. I think he will final table at least 2 other events, if he bothers to enter. Taking down those events is like a warm up to him. I would like to bet he wins one of the bigguns at the WSOP this year, what about the main event?

Gl to him and to you all.........................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 noonlion09/05/2012 11:08:36 GMT
The conspiracy theorist in all of us says, he works for pokerstars, therefore somehow it is rigged.
And I'm sure it's possible - someone with the security stuff could easily tell him peoples hole cards.

However, in reality it is far less likely this is the case.

A poker site has a reputation to uphold (unless its FTP). EVERYONE and their unborn child knows what happened with that one - nobody wants a repeat.

Pokerstars really has little competition in terms of being the number 1 site - it doesn't need gimmicks to improve its image.

So lets give credit where its due - two monster take downs is just sick no matter whos playing.

Its clear the guy is a major talent.
 remco250409/05/2012 12:12:35 GMT
Hope you right but i doubt it
Seems very fishy especially if he wins anymore
So many good players play and he wins ....twice already !
 godward8909/05/2012 16:41:43 GMT
If anyone would bother to read my first posts I was a rigtard. I even accused a guy called CetOO from BRM of cheating at the tables just because I was losing.

There is no way Pokerstars would risk meddling with the game play in ANY way to aid a team pro player. You have to remember this guy is the best online player in the world! It's like Brazil v Scotland in football. Brazil have the talent and they very rarely lose to us. Isildur is Brazil
 Flippedchips09/05/2012 18:30:58 GMT
Posted by remco2504:
Hope you right but i doubt it
Seems very fishy especially if he wins anymore
So many good players play and he wins ....twice already !

other people not pstars pros have won a few SCOOP or WCOOP titles or maybe they bought the chosen one package and thats why they are good Big Smile

I am just curious does it not strike you as a little strange that alot of the people who crush games online are often great live players too Confused I know its strange but its often true Big Smile
 Aces_Bluffer10/05/2012 07:11:13 GMT
Yeah! I saw him playing the last 4 hours of the tourney... It's incredible how difficult was for the other players just playin a single bet from him.

Thumbs up for him! Thumbs Up

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