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2012 WSOP: Doyle Brunson plans on playing 4-5 events this year

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Posted on 04 June 2012 by "T".

Doyle Brunson has played professionally for over 50 years and has managed to win 10 WSOP Gold Bracelets during this time (35 WSOP cashes in total). Brunson is turning 79 years old later this year and of course he doesn't have the same engery anymore to play lots of poker tournaments and traveling. However, it still seems like we will see him taking part in up to 5 events at this WSOP... 

In his latest blog, 'Getting old is tough but it is the only way to a long life', he wrote that he plans on playing 4-5 events at this World Series of Poker, including $10,000 HORSE, the $50,000 Players Championship, and the $10,000 2-7 lowball.

Below is the full version of Getting old is tough but it is the only way to a long life:

The WSOP has started and I'm getting a lot of questions about how many events I'm going to play. I have to admit I'm getting old so im planning on playing in very few (4-5) events. I've never really been into the bracelet race but I do like to compete. I'm extremely lucky that I have the energy and endurance to play in more tournaments but it isn't logical to push myself. I like to quit after nine or tem hours and if you go deep in some of these tournaments, some days understandably have to be longer. The only tournaments I'm sure about playing in are the $10,000 HORSE, the $50,000 Players Championship, and the $10,000 2-7 lowball. I may or may not play in the Main Event.

I made a bet I might regret. I laid $100,000 to 10,000 that the winner of the Main Event will be younger than 41. While I know there are a few older players that could win the title, the sheer magnitude of the number of younger guys will probably prevail. But 10-1 is a bit of an overlay now that I've had time to think about it.

This is for those who asked for another story about poker game robberies. We were playing in Lubbock, Texas in a high stakes game in the early 60;s. There were lots of holdem players in that town and the road gamblers were starting to come to the game regularly. There was a young bookmaker named Tooter who was at almost every game. Tooter won lots of money booking sports but he was a bad poker player and lost consistently.

He was an unusual person. He was 5ft 6 inches tall and weighed over 400 pounds. He also spoke with a lisp and was very vocal. One night he was losing very badly, going broke time and time again. Finally he left, storming out the door yelling at the players. He went home, got his shotgun, put on a ski mask and came back to the poker game. He screamed out, "put your hands up, I'm taking your money." Well, there aren't very many 5ft 6 inches tall that weigh 400 pounds and of course everybody recognized him. Bill Smith a future WSOP main event winner, said to him, "Come on Tooter, put the gun down and sit down and play." Tooter replied, "Thith isn't Tooter. Thith is a wobber." Everybody started laughing so he took his mask off, sat down and borrowed some money. He went broke again and left for the night. That story is legendary in Texas poker history.

Whoops, I'm getting WSOP fever sitting here. I hope the cash games are good so I don't play any tournaments for a while.

May the flop be with you!
Doyle Brunson


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6 comments on "2012 WSOP: Doyle Brunson plans on playing 4-5 events this year"

 Fakiry04/06/2012 12:00:13 GMT
WSOP will let behind a big part of its history when Brunson decides not to play anymore, if that happens any time. He is not the pope, he doesn’t have to keep going to this just for being who he is, but having him around is very good publicity and I am sure he also appreciates all that side action surrounding him. By the way, he also appeared at the “Luck You” movie I’ve been watching this weekend, and when he got out of the tourney it was announced by the speaker and everyone got up clapping, does this happens for real? I bet it does and it must be an awesome moment.
 Vaniok77704/06/2012 12:09:54 GMT
nice story Big Smile
 pochui04/06/2012 16:58:49 GMT
well i believe wsop do try really hard to persuade doyle to come, i mean he is a living legend in a poker world, so to have him on the schedule is a great achievement for any tourney organizer. of course doyle enjoys this series himself imho- it's one of the greatest isn't it...interesting tourney selection btw
 noonlion05/06/2012 13:35:43 GMT
Thats a story you couldnt make up, brilliant.

I think his bet will pay off too, so many young guns in the field one of them is bound to win.
 WinAllDay05/06/2012 14:55:49 GMT
the best part is that doyle is not retiring from poker (i dont think he ever will). just because he cant compete in the main event profitably doesn't mean much. Doyle can play his game now. and we all know thats high stakes cash games. he has already done so much for the game, its time for him to enjoy the on his terms instead of sitting in at tournament table 16 hours a day.
 Macubaas05/06/2012 15:55:17 GMT
It's nice to see that such an talented and most of all experienced poker player continue to play at wsop Big Smile

But again doyle was always an live poker player so i think wsop is like home for him Smile

Can't wait to see his results this year!

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