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2012 WSOP: Brunson's health is fading - had to leave in the middle of a tournament

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Posted on 20 June 2012 by "T".

Doyle Brunson is turning 79-years-old later this year and has a long and sucessful poker career behind him. However, as of late his health has been getting worse and many of his fans were even worried that he wouldn't be able to take part in the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker, which started a few weeks ago. 

But just as the tournament series had started Brunson wrote on his website that he had decided to play 4-5 events at this year's WSOP - something that made his fans and friends both happy and proud.

However, it seems like Doyle's WSOP soon might be over as he already had to skip a tournament due to his high blood pressure. And about 1 hour ago he twittered that he felt a little flutter in his chest during a tournament and decided to leave.

Let's hope that it's nothing serios and that he will be back at the poker tables soon again!


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4 comments on "2012 WSOP: Brunson''s health is fading - had to leave in the middle of a tournament"

 noonlion20/06/2012 10:30:08 GMT
That's shitty to see a legend out of one of the bigger events and possibly for the rest too.

He never looks that healthy though, I mean he's clearly overweight he's what 70+? and doesn't look like he does much exercise.

Poker is such a sedentary game if you're a pro I think it'd be essential to exercise regularly.

Then factor in the high pressure scenarios as well and it's a tough one on the body and mind.
 Fakiry20/06/2012 11:50:04 GMT
Things aren’t easy when one starts to get old, and looks like it’s hard to get used to it. The strength isn’t the same as when one’s 30, and although one would like to keep doing lots of things, one have to choose because it will only be able to do half of the things he would like to. Just hope he can recover from his health problems, rest and get back, even if it is just to comment some WSOP activity.

Doyle Brunson is a star that doesn’t want to see the end of the career. It’s just like the owner of a big enterprize, there’s no one to pass testimony, they represent everything they built with their own presence, there’s no one that can come to start making is roll instead of him.
 Somaks20/06/2012 17:15:29 GMT
That is very upsetting.. He truly is a poker legend and to see him retire from a tournament because of health problems like this is uneasy. I hope he will be back for the Main Event at least, but regardless of that, i wish him good luck with his health!
 AA-Daelt-AA22/06/2012 17:57:36 GMT
It's sad to see such a legend having to give up because of health problems, but i think he tooke the wise decision, his health and his life are much more important than any bracelet, Doyle has nothing to prove to anyone , everybody already recognize his great talent and career.

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