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2012 WSOP: Recent Bracelet Winners

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Posted on 02 July 2012 by "T".

Event #45: $50k Players Championship

This prestigious event attracted a field of 108 players (most of them well-known poker pros) that generated a massive prize pool of $5,184,000! After a five-day battle, Michael Mizrachi was the last man standing and received his 3rd gold bracelet and stunning $1,451,527! Mizrachi is now in fourth place on the all-time money leader board!

Final table results:
1 Michael Mizrachi United States $1,451,527
2 Chris Klodnicki Unites States $896,935
3 Andy Bloch United States $561,738
4 Luke Schwartz United Kingdom $604,736
5 Roland Israelashvili United States $317,882
6 Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom $253,497
7 Bill Chen United States $205,856
8 Bruno Fitoussi France $169,879

Event #47: Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-ow Split-8 or Better

Last thursday, the third and final day of Event #47: $1,5000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better played out with the last 10 players of a 978-player field. Steven Loube, a 34-year-old personal injury attorney from Atalanta, Georgia, who played his very first WSOP event, ended up as the winner for a $267,345 first-place prize and a gold coveted bracelet! A very impressive achievement for a true amateur whose previous biggest cash was a $50 gift certificate for food.

Final table results:
1st Steven Loube $267,345
2nd Tim Finne $165,486
3rd Roch Cousineau $103,538
4th Cameron McKinley $75,151
5th Charalampos Lappas $55,479
6th Sonu Sharma $41,589
7th Paul Taylor $31,634
8th Kyle Carlston $24,386
9th Paul Ewen $19,052
10th Viatcheslav Ortynskiy $15,078

Event #48: Limit Hold'em

The $3,000 Limit Hold'em event saw 247 entries and a $674,310 prize pool. After 14 hours of play on the final table, including a two-hour heads-up match, Kenny Hsiung was the winner and received the top prize of $165,205, along with his very first WSOP bracelet!

Final table results:
1 Kenny Hsiung $165,205
2 Robert Hwang $102,118
3 John Virtue $76,244
4 Paul Berende $57,310
5 Dwyte Pilgrim $43,345
6 Matthew Woodward $32,994
7 Mitchell Davis $25,266
8 John Myung $19,474
9 Stephen Hung $15,098

Event #49: Ante Only No-Limit Hold'em

Event #49, a standard no-limit hold's event with no blinds (only antes), made its first ever WSOP appearance when it kicked off on June 27th. 939 players entered the tournament for $1,500 each, which generated a prize pool of $1,267,650. After three days of battle and 938 players had been sent to the rail, Greg Hobson had laid hands on the first prize of $256,691 and the first WSOP bracelet offered for this type of event.

Final table results:
1 Greg Hobson $256,691
2 Mike Sowers $158,887
3 John Hayes $99,409
4 Harrison Gimbel $72,155
5 Eugene Du Plessis $53,267
6 Mike McDonald $39,931
7 Seth Davies $30,373
8 Sameer Aljanedi $23,413
9 Justin Schwartz $18,292

Event #50: No-Limit Hold'em

It took four days and more than 32 one-hour levels of play for the $5,000 buy-in event to get a winner, Panayote "Peter" Vilandos. Vilandos, a Greek-American professional poker player, outlasted a field of 1,1001 players and took home $952,694 in prize money and his third gold coveted bracelet!

Final table results:
1. Panayote "Peter" Vilandos $952,694
2. Kyle Julius $589,687
3. Dan Smith $368,943
4. Kevin Schulz $267,792
5. Derek Gregory $197,691
6. Thomas Conway $148,198
7. Matt Giannetti $112,725
8. Tommy Vedes $86,889
9. Amir Lehavot $67,889

Event #51: Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

This $1,000 buy-in event saw a field of 936 players (including a "handful" of guys)
that created a $842,400 prize pool. After a short heads-up match against Debbie Peachac on the final table, Yen Dang, a former law student who played her second ever Ladies Event, ended up taking home the first prize of $170,587, along with her first gold bracelet.

"I had a mission to play this tournament and to win and it's incredible when you set your mind to something and then you accomplish it," she said.

Final table results:
1. Yen Dang - $170,587
2. Debbie Pechac- $105,586
3. Jan Howard - $66,061
4. Angela Prada-Moed - $47,949
5. Candida Ross-Powers - $35,398
6. Rae Rocco - $26,536
7. Lesley Amos - $20,184
8. Rosemary Lawrence - $15,559
9. Ida Lundholm - $12,156



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5 comments on "2012 WSOP: Recent Bracelet Winners"

 Fakiry02/07/2012 11:52:25 GMT
It’s better for us to start doing a list with these new names, I am sure they will keep bringing action to WSOP and maybe to other top events around the world, and we can’t keep saying we don’t know them from anywhere. After all, they now belong to the WSOP gold bracelet winners group, which turn them into prestige players which everyone must be aware of when sitting at the tables.
 noonlion02/07/2012 17:16:54 GMT
Mizrachi is a total beast when it comes to cashing major events - dam @ 1.5milly winnings.

too bad he wiped that money out by crashing out of the One Drop...
 DaMessiah66602/07/2012 20:00:39 GMT
It's amazing that I only know Andy Bloch and Bill Chen ... Since I stopped playing poker I'm so disconnected ... What a pity.
 Macubaas02/07/2012 20:13:05 GMT
I think we can all agree that this series of WSOP was pretty specil, i mean we got some surprises Smile

Also i'm really looking forward to the evolution of The Big One, i think that will be pretty intense Big Smile
 Impak00701/12/2012 15:46:20 GMT
I dont know, why there is the Female no limit champinship. They can not play main evennt or what? It looks like famale discrimination.

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