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Doyle Brunson's Scooter Curse

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Posted on 25 July 2012 by "T".

In a recent interview, the 78-year-old poker legend Doyle Brunson revealed that he lost his scooter when leaving the Rio (Las Vegas) early in the morning after Day 1 of the Main Event.

"It flew off the lift on my Escalade as I was leaving the Rio after day 1 of the Main Event. It was about 2 o'clock in the morning and as I made a sharp left on Flamingo I heard a strange noise behind me. I looked back and couldn't see anything but I suspected my scooter had broken loose. The traffic was so bad I couldn't turn back, so I continued home where I could see the lift had malfunctioned and the scooter was gone." said Doyle Brunson

Now you might think that this was the first time a scooter went missing for Mr. Brunson. But the truth is that it was the third in the past few years. What makes this scooter curse even more unbelievable is that all of them were lost during the World Series of Poker

"This confirmed the "WSOP Scooter Jinx." I've lost 3 scooters since I started using them a few years ago because of my bad leg and all 3 were during the WSOP. One had slipped off similar to this year and I never found it. Another time I left the key in my scooter when I went into the restroom and someone drove it away, never to be seen again. So I'll be extremely careful next WSOP."

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6 comments on "Doyle Brunson''s Scooter Curse"

 noonlion25/07/2012 09:49:50 GMT

If i ever have to use one of those I'm getting a meaty engine in it, turbo grandpa!
 Fakiry25/07/2012 12:31:34 GMT
Another great story from Doyle Brunson. I had never heard about the other episodes, but now it makes three times that this happened to him, so it’s already a matter of breaking news in the poker journal. So funny! It’s not for the value of the scooter, he shouldn’t mind much about that, but for the way things happen. I believe that some trail sellers in the USA can think about doing a publicity campaign regarding this “curse” of Brunson, it would be a laugh! “Next time you trail your bike on the car, do it with our Super Safe X-Trail, or else, you can be looking for it like Brunson when you get home!”
 Macubaas26/07/2012 05:13:51 GMT
Frankly i do not see how a scooter is better than an automatic car(like an Cadillac Escalade)...

I would never drive one of those myself, i would always prefer a car but they are pretty popular on cities with small streets Smile
 ayaraled26/07/2012 07:06:44 GMT
shout tie the scotter more good so that it wont loose....but in any case that is still a lost and it must have been bad for doyle but to think of it as a curse?I dont know...
 doomdy27/07/2012 06:53:15 GMT
Good old Doyle Worship

Hope to watch him many years from now on, but he gettin older and older Sad
 Neptunus2131/07/2012 22:51:39 GMT
you know what they say 3rd time is a charm. we'll make it 4 for Doyle. he must have forgotten the key in the scooter again, just didnt want to admit it

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