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Doyle Brunson to Host New Mixed Game Show "Dolly's Game" on PokerGo

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Posted on 08 January 2019 by "T".

The 85-year-old poker legend Doyle Brunson shall make his comeback to the screens as the host who other poker players must beat in a new show named Dolly's Game, a mixed-game show created by Poker Central.

Shot at the PokerGo Studio located inside the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, viewers could expect to see a group of interesting high-stakes challengers vying to defeat the most influential force in the poker world. The first episode has already been aired on January 7 on the PokerGO streaming service.

First Gig since the 2018 WSOP
PokerCentral president Sam Simmons on January 3 stated that Brunson's appearance shall be the channel's chance to show something else aside from the usual Hold'em games to their viewers, "It truly is an honor to welcome Doyle as such a large part of the PokerGo platform. We're looking forward to hosting some of the highest stakes mixed games on earth for the fans to enjoy."

As for Brunson, this televised participation will be his first big gig since he decided to finally retire from playing at the WSOP in 2018.

Going by the moniker Texas Dolly, Brunson has a track record of accumulating ten WSOP bracelets since 1970. However, with modern-day WSOP's expansion to 50+ tournament events and hundreds to thousands of players participating each summer, the time, stamina and effort needed to win a single new title has become too much for the aging poker legend.

As one of the prestigious event's founding fathers, he made an impressive win on his final appearance in the WSOP last year, earning a heartfelt round of applause as he left the scene after finishing 6th place in Event #23: $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Championship for $43,963.

A Regular at Bobby's Room
Looking on to the bright side, while fans will no longer be able to catch a glimpse of Texas Dolly at the annual WSOP events, they will still be able to see him playing in select places across Las Vegas, mainly Bobby's Room at the Bellagio. He is still very active in cash games, particularly the high-stakes ones; therefore, the new TV show Dolly's Game will give the poker community one of the rare chances to see the two-time WSOP Main Event champ play at the tables.

A play on the words of the 2017 poker film Molly's Game, Dolly's Game may most likely have been hatched after PokerGo's Poker After Dark recently filmed at the Bobby's Room in Bellagio.

Age is not an Obstacle in the World of Poker
Dolly's Game is definitely one of the best outlets for Doyle Brunson to prove that age is not an obstacle when it comes to realizing the dream of being successful in playing poker.

The $3,000/$6,000 mixed game shall be another great addition to the schedule of PokerGo. Since releasing their online streaming service in 2017, Poker Central had been keenly creating its own programs in an effort to bring back the excitement and entertainment brought about by the early poker boom.

Aside from the WSOP, Poker After Dark, Beyond the Rail, Friday Night Poker, and Insiders, PokerGo subscribers who pay $10/month or $99/year will now also get to watch Dolly's Game on demand.



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9 comments on "Doyle Brunson to Host New Mixed Game Show "Dolly''s Game" on PokerGo"

 godoy08/01/2019 16:07:30 GMT
the old wolf coming back and reenventando to play a game that in my opinion and the coolest of all pema that the entrance is so expensive that I can not participate hehehehe 100k entry and pulled and only to the poker elite even more the 7- 2 and a delight to play
 CALICUL08/01/2019 16:37:19 GMT
As the host Doyle Brunson will earn some extra money.
I think he will not perform for free.
I would love to see a mixed double like in tennis.
Two players against two players men-woman.
More professional players to fight in a Game Show.
A few jokes, some dollars, it would be a nice show i think. Cool
 Mober08/01/2019 20:25:11 GMT
He cant get really away from it.
Retired from WSOP due to it being hard to play for his age, but he still likes to play poker.
It is a good thing he can still do what he likes, but ot be honest, i find it monotony,
to be 85 years old and still doing the same thing over and over again...
 godoy09/01/2019 17:34:42 GMT
the cool of it all and see that a person as experienced and old as Mr. Doell can still practice poker at high levels with high values that yes and the magic of poker where everyone can enjoy the magic of the sport proving that poker is a sport for everyone of all ages and does well
 Mober09/01/2019 20:42:54 GMT
If it was really a sport, he wouldnt be able to do a single thing in his age Smile
But i dont see the point going to that place again, since there will always be many,
considering the poker, along with other games too, as a sport Smile
The stamina you need for this game... Smile
 doubletop77710/01/2019 08:33:41 GMT
This will be great to watch in my opinion and i am looking forward to seeing Doyle Brunson back on our screens. It will be fascinating to see all these top players in all different types of disciplines
 CALICUL10/01/2019 16:42:19 GMT
Doyle Brunson does not have it anymore the force like in the past with 10 or 20 years ago but this does not mean that he can not have an active life anymore.
If he likes it, he has to do it.
I like Doyle because he is ambitious and he will be a good host.
 godoy10/01/2019 17:00:48 GMT
the lord of poker will always be a great player and is always involved with high level poker and now with this series of very expensive game kkkk 100k entry and for a few more and much fun watch these games of different categories very cool watch all
 godoy12/01/2019 22:32:07 GMT
this game and one of the best to play pema that the entrance and much for me kkkk 100k dollars and so for the elite of the world poker and for this Mr. Doley RSRSS that good and for us to see that money in the world of poker and almost nothing kkk

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