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David Allan Wins ANZPT Queenstown Snowfest!

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Posted on 30 July 2012 by "T".

Yesterday, Aussie David Allan became the 2012 ANZPT Queenstown Snowfest main event champion after a very thrilling heads-up match versus Ken Demlakian! Allan had a bit less chips than Demlakian when the battle started but took a decent lead almost straight away and managed to maintain it for quite some time, but the lead then chopped and changed several times until Demlakian seemed to be in full control. In fact, Allan only had 20 big blinds left and no one expected him to come back.

But Allan refused to give up as he switched gears and and played his very best game. His confidence grew and grew as he took down more and more pots. After a two-hour heads-up battle, the final hand occurred.

David Allan limped the button and Ken Demlakian checked the big blind. Both players checked the 8Diamond3Spade7Spade flop. The QClubfell on the turn and Demlakian bet $50,000. Allan called. The river card was the KSpade and Demlakian led for 60,000. Allan raised to 170,000 and Demlakian announced that he was all-in. It didn't take long before Allan made the call and turned over 10Spade6Spade for a flush. Demlakian showed 7Heart3Diamond for two-pair and it was all over.

Final table results: (New Zealand Dollar)

1. David Allan $110,600
2. Ken Demlakian $70,400
3. Jordan Westmorland $41,200
4. Ricky Kroesen $34,200
5. David Zhao $28,200
6. Matt Wakeman $23,100
7. Bryan Huang $19,100
8. Ivan Zalac $15,100
9. David Evans $12,070

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4 comments on "David Allan Wins ANZPT Queenstown Snowfest!"

 Fakiry30/07/2012 10:35:34 GMT
Demlakian wanted to make Alan believe he had higher flush, and it was a risky call for Alan, believing he didn’t have it. And, after all, he didn’t had a single spade and Alan took the first prize. Demlakian’s future oponentes should write this on a book to read the next time they play against him, although i don’t know if it will be soon that he will risk again all of chips in a bluff.
 Neptunus2130/07/2012 14:23:07 GMT
lucky break for Allan, Demlakian must have been pretty down afterwards, losing on the river. it happens to me a lot
 noonlion30/07/2012 19:47:42 GMT
Nasty way to lose it, but he'll know it was a bad beat not lack of skill that lost it.

Is that the major tourney in NZ?
 0HighTimes031/07/2012 09:28:53 GMT
"Is that the major tourney in NZ?" noonlion
Yes, I'm sure it is, as far as know (need too look in to this!)
I hope to go next year(if can)

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