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High Stakes: Ilari Sahamies Claims He's Broke

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Posted on 30 July 2012 by "T".

Ilari Sahamies is up more than $300k this year and is among the biggest winners online. But it seems like the Finnish poker icon's economy still isn't all that good -- even though he has turned a big minus into a big plus in just 2-3 weeks time. During a heads-up match against Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky a few days ago, Sahamies revealed in the chat that he's broke.

Sulsky asked him if they could open another table. Sahamies quickly answered: "no money" and continued "Jens Kyllönen (Finnish poker pro) didn't lend me any more money". But it didn't seem like Ilari Sahamies was angry at Kyllönen for not lending him any money. "I understand him completely because I'm totally broke." Sahamies wrote in the chat.

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13 comments on "High Stakes: Ilari Sahamies Claims He''s Broke"

 ayaraled30/07/2012 14:03:37 GMT
It was just weeks ago when ilari has some really big wins...and now he is broke again...i think he win enough last time to cover for his losses....that what the news said last time...
 Neptunus2130/07/2012 14:55:02 GMT
well you can lose money as quickly as you win them.i ought to know, i dont play as much poker as i bet. but still, a couple of games can ruin you in both
 pochui30/07/2012 16:02:19 GMT
well is this a never ending story or what Smile one week we hear that sahamies is broke, next week we hear that he has won half a million or so and is one the biggest winners online this year, next week we hear that sahamies is broke, week after we read about his winnings once more...bla bla bla- if there is nothing to write, just throw in same old broke/not broke story about sahamies
 bombsapphire30/07/2012 18:23:01 GMT
Mr.Sahamies needs a coach. Not poker, financial one.
 teddybears7330/07/2012 18:55:56 GMT
for gods sake one week he's broke the next he's won a million who really cares???
get a job like the rest of us and play with what you can afford.
 noonlion30/07/2012 19:46:07 GMT
This is getting boring lol.

He clearly has no concept of how to be a pro.
 TheMachineQC30/07/2012 20:16:07 GMT
Well, this kind of aggro player needs winning streaks to win big. But mostly they have to stop playing when they're having a bad day. If only Isildur et him would do that, thet would be much richer.
 Macubaas31/07/2012 05:47:07 GMT
If you look over his pokerstars profile on pokerstars from the beginning you'll see that he is up 1,5 mil dollars overall.

The problem is that you do not know how much he spent from that and also what he lost on live games where he plays a lot.

I really wonder if the story about Jens is true or not? hmm...
 Fakiry31/07/2012 11:53:50 GMT
This is not the first time Ilari Sahamies says he’s broke. His loaners aren’t public – at least not all, now we know one of them, Jens Kyllönen – and when he was loosing high he must have asked for Money with special agréments, like high taxes, which turns his victories into a few (if any) part for him and the big cake for those who lend him Money. I believe that, even with these last months good results, it’s still not enough to balance his global account.
 Cliffem31/07/2012 21:48:57 GMT
All gossip,like pros discuss there actuall finances on the chat prrfff,if i see illari in a soup kitchen come back with news not hair salon gossipp
 nipitiri303/08/2012 04:12:56 GMT
maybe he being broke means he only has few milions left and he cant afford to buy new house or enter 1 mil usd buy in tourney lol
 Macubaas03/08/2012 06:37:38 GMT
Still after this statement the next day he booked a nice 400k on pokerstars...

If you want to trust him and these are his only money that he has we should see him at PLO 1000 from now on in order to believe him lol
 kwasac11/08/2012 02:20:36 GMT
Clasic maniac, I never liked him nor his play... Look like an amateur when he play with the best!!! lol

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