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Which mobster is the best rummy player? Exclusive weekly freeroll offer!

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Posted on 23 August 2012 by "M".

rrWe are very happy to announce that all mobsters are welcome to participate in a new exclusive series of freerolls at RummyRoyal. Each of the weekly freerolls has a prize pool of $100!

BankrollMob will host a series of weekly freerolls at the premium online rummy brand - RummyRoyal. Each of the freerolls has a prize pool of $100. The first freeroll is scheduled at 22:00 GMT on Monday the 27th of August. BankrollMob will monitor the results, keep you updated on a weekly basis and possibly be able to find out the answer to the question that has keept many scholars, philosophers and prophets busy since the creation of the universe; which mobster is the best online rummy player?

How to participate
1. All participants must be members of BankrollMob - sign up for a free Mob account here!
2. Create a RummyRoyal account and claim your exclusive $5 No Deposit Bonus!
3. Make a deposit of at least $10 to get access to the exclusive series of freerolls. You will automatically qualify for the 150% up to $300 first deposit bonus at Rummy Royal!

Exclusive RummyRoyal Freeroll details
What: Exclusive Freeroll for members of BankrollMob
Where: RummyRoyal
When: Every Monday at 22:00 GMT
Buy-in: Freeroll
Game: Kalooki 51
Prize pool: $100
Prize structure: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20.
Tournament Name in Lobby: $100 BRM Freeroll

For more details on the exclusive $100 Freeroll - please click here!

About Rummy
Rummy is, like poker, a group of skilled based card games. The game is usually played between 2 to 6 players with a normal 52 card deck. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards before your opponents and by doing so, get your points. This is done by forming two types of card combinations:
- Runs: Consecutive sequences of three or more cards of the same suit.
- Sets: Three or four cards of the same rank. If you are using two decks, a set may include two identical cards of the same rank and suit.
The most common rummy games are Gin Rummy, Kalooki 51, Kalooki 40 and Rummikub.
Every player is dealt 10 cards. The remaining cards are put on the center of the table as one pile of stock cards. The top card is turned over as the first card of the discard pile. The player next to the dealer is first to make a play. You either pick up the top card of the stock pile or the turned over card of the discard pile. Then you may place you hand in the two types of the card combinations. If no combination can be made, the player discard one card from their hand and the game continues to the next player to the left.
Once the stock pile is finished the discard pile is shuffled and it is turned into the new stock pile and the game continues.


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8 comments on "Which mobster is the best rummy player? Exclusive weekly freeroll offer!"

 pochui23/08/2012 11:48:48 GMT
nice to see brm taking on new promos all the time- not gonna participate in this one, tried to play rummy some time ago, actually in the same room, but the game was too frustrating for me Stupidso i just offered everyone to fcuk themselves and politely disappeared, gl to those who will participate!
 nipitiri323/08/2012 11:49:30 GMT
i like gin but pokerstars is beast soo i stick with em
 Macubaas23/08/2012 19:53:38 GMT
I definately saw the promo right when i accessed my bankrollmob account but i do not think i have enough time to take part...

Still, all mobsters out there should definately took advantage of this offer asap Big Smile
 noonlion23/08/2012 20:15:56 GMT
Nice offer, different anyway.
I used to play when I was younger.

Sure I'd pick it up rapid again.

Unger was the main man for this game - wonder if we'll see a card game other than poekr take off.
 Mucking26/08/2012 23:59:42 GMT
Not me. As im not playing
 B1gfoot27/08/2012 01:10:46 GMT
Someone please tell me the amount of runners, I suck at rummy, but might play if a small field.
 Administrator29/08/2012 12:26:52 GMT
B1gfoot, only 9 players for the first freeroll, so it got cancelled (10 minimum). The next one is 3rd of September, so you can try your skills then Smile
 MIGO1429/08/2012 12:44:38 GMT
I don´t even know the basic rules of this game.
Does anyone can give me a hint where to look it up ?
Any site in the net with strategies ?
Thanks in advance.

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