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RummyRoyal: Exclusive weekly freeroll offer!

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Posted on 06 September 2012 by "M".

rummyroyalMark your calender and set the alarm for the next exclusive $100 Freeroll at RummyRoyal! This one is scheduled on Monday the 10th of September at 22:00 GMT / 00:00 CET / 18:00 EST. Please note that this series of weekly $100 freerolls are only available for BankrollMob members!

The last freeroll, played on the 3rd of September, gathered a field of 13 brave mobsters that battled it out for a total of 34 minutes - a good pay for just a bit more than a half-hour spent by the tables! The prize pool was shared as follows:

Finishing Position RummyRoyal Screen Name Prize Amount
1st braga26 $50
2nd Chazz39 $30
3rd BabyGina $10
3rd sissorhead $10

As you can see, two players finished on the 3rd position and shared the $20 for the 3rd prize. A big congrats to the winner braga26 who proved to be the most skilled rummy player among the mobsters that participated. Will anyone be able to beat braga26 next Monday?

How to participate
1. All participants must be members of BankrollMob - sign up for a free Mob account here!
2. Create a RummyRoyal account and claim your exclusive $5 No Deposit Bonus!
3. Make a deposit of at least $10 to get access to the exclusive series of freerolls. You will automatically qualify for the 150% up to $300 first deposit bonus at Rummy Royal!

Exclusive RummyRoyal Freeroll details
What: Exclusive Freeroll for members of BankrollMob
Where: RummyRoyal
When: Every Monday at 22:00 GMT
Buy-in: Freeroll
Game: Kalooki 51
Prize pool: $100
Prize structure: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20.
Tournament Name in Lobby: $100 BRM Freeroll

For more details on the exclusive $100 Freeroll - please click here!

About Rummy
Rummy is, like poker, a group of skilled based card games. The game is usually played between 2 to 6 players with a normal 52 card deck. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards before your opponents and by doing so, get your points. This is done by forming two types of card combinations:
- Runs: Consecutive sequences of three or more cards of the same suit.
- Sets: Three or four cards of the same rank. If you are using two decks, a set may include two identical cards of the same rank and suit.
The most common rummy games are Gin Rummy, Kalooki 51, Kalooki 40 and Rummikub.
Every player is dealt 10 cards. The remaining cards are put on the center of the table as one pile of stock cards. The top card is turned over as the first card of the discard pile. The player next to the dealer is first to make a play. You either pick up the top card of the stock pile or the turned over card of the discard pile. Then you may place you hand in the two types of the card combinations. If no combination can be made, the player discard one card from their hand and the game continues to the next player to the left.
Once the stock pile is finished the discard pile is shuffled and it is turned into the new stock pile and the game continues.


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11 comments on "RummyRoyal: Exclusive weekly freeroll offer!"

 noonlion06/09/2012 18:28:46 GMT
Wow - really plugging this lol.

I recommend it to anyone who's a touch bored of poker and wants a new game to have a bash at, it's not all that easy however and is very much a game of memory as much as anything.

The worst thing was not having enough time to act sometimes when completing a meld, instead of winning a game I'd end up just a second or two short of laying all my cards out, happened a good few times, very frsutrating.

Software is a little PS like, basic but does the job.
 zukuLBW06/09/2012 19:36:25 GMT
How can i pay from MasterCard debit? Can i pay with some pre-paid e-card?
 BRM_Martin07/09/2012 11:01:43 GMT
Posted by zukuLBW:
How can i pay from MasterCard debit? Can i pay with some pre-paid e-card?

Hi zukuLBW,
I'm pretty sure you can deposit with your MasterCard Debit just by choosing MasterCard as your payment method. I haven't been able to confirm it by the RummyRoyal staff yet but I'm pretty sure it's fine even if it say "credit card".
I'm not sure about the pre-paid e-cards but you can view the accepted payment methods on the link below or contact their support:

[email protected]
 Fakiry07/09/2012 11:44:22 GMT
So few mobsters entering at this? What's going on? Was everybody still on vacation, did they missed this oportunity or, even if it's not their main game, they rather skip it instead of going for it? Looking at the prizes and considering the difficulty degree of the task, i think at least i will make an effort to book my presence this time. Although i'm calling every mobsters to play this, i apreciate if you keep not coming so i can increase my probabilities of reaching prizes Big Smile
 nipitiri307/09/2012 12:20:27 GMT
damn i love canasta but when i checked rummy out looked like noone plays canasta maybe i was there at bad time dunno
 BRM_Martin07/09/2012 14:28:35 GMT
As of now (16:24 pm CET), there are 7 players registered for the next exclusive freeroll on Monday:
braga26 (winner last tourney)
sissorhead (finished on split 3rd last tourney)
 Cliffem08/09/2012 23:20:52 GMT
No one in the history of the world has ever liked rummy.
 benzii09/09/2012 07:01:19 GMT
i dont like rummy its bs and thats it poker is the best
 Endre8909/09/2012 11:58:33 GMT
It is a realy great game. I am happy that we got this freeroll Big Smile
 noonlion09/09/2012 15:12:47 GMT
Posted by Cliffem:
No one in the history of the world has ever liked rummy.

Stu Ungar was a Gin Rummy king - and them became awesome at poker as well.

He was so good at rummy it got to the point no one would play him because they'd be guaranteed to lose.

An eidetic memory probably helped.
 Macubaas10/09/2012 07:34:27 GMT
I would definately participate but unfortunately i don't know a thing about the game but it's a proper time to learn i guess Big Smile

I do not think many mobsters do not want to participate but we are talking about a different game and thats probably the reason...

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