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Jens Kyllönen is Going to Space

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Posted on 28 August 2012 by "T".

According to an interview with Jens "Jeans89" Kyllönen in Card Player Europe, the Finnish poker pro has paid €160,000 to reserve a seat on Virgin Galactic's space flight. Kyllönen, one of the most successful poker players online this year, told the magazine that he'll probably make the trip in 2014 after the testing stage is complete. He will have to spend three to four days training for the flight at SpacePort America. The space trip will only last for 2 hours.

"I've always been fascinated with space and now that I have the opportunity to be within the first people going I just felt like I had to do it," Kyllönen said.


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8 comments on "Jens Kyllönen is Going to Space"

 bullettooth128/08/2012 08:21:29 GMT
lucky him! i wish i had a spare 160,000euro laying about. Big Smile
 noonlion28/08/2012 10:03:10 GMT
That's awesome.

I like how he sadi 'after the testing stage' anyones going to volunteer for that maiden flight lol
 pochui28/08/2012 18:52:11 GMT
he wants a plo session with aliens...probably thinks that they are fish in poker, we'll see if he does well surely sahamies, hansen, blom and the rest will follow. lets think- would i go to space if i had a few millions sitting in my account? no- i better buy myself another car/house etc.- i guess i'm boring
 Macubaas30/08/2012 06:00:14 GMT
Such an interesting and most of all unique way to spend some money Big Smile

I mean it's definately not a good investment but is definately a unique chance to go out in space Smile

Plus the ticket is done in just a couple of PLO sessions.
 ayaraled30/08/2012 08:01:23 GMT
he has lots of winning this year and nice to travel at space...if you have money like him.....
 hulkborges31/08/2012 06:55:05 GMT
seriously, no more reporting on what he's saying that he's going into space? good trip, it would be interesting to a poker tournament in space, qualifies someone there to pay € 160,000 over the registration of the tournament?
 Sorin88831/08/2012 10:06:06 GMT
Dear BRM members you see a space mission like a nice vacantion.Well is not a walk in the park
That involve a lot of trainings and risks (if is a tradinional take off with a rocket)maybe with Virgin it will be like an aeroplane flight to higher altitude.Just to kill a boring day Smile
 erru910731/08/2012 12:05:58 GMT
I have always dreamed about going into space! And now when it starts to become a reality, I will be going out there before I die no matter how much it'll cost!

I think that what he is doing is great and in my opinion this is extremely well spent money! If I had the money, that is what I would do as well!

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