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WPT Malta: Jackson Genovesi Takes Huge Lead Into Day 3

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Posted on 19 September 2012 by "T".

A lot of well-known players hit the rail during Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Malta main event. Just to mention a few of them: Jason Mercier, Erik Cajelais, Jonathan Duhamel and 12-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, who was visibly upset when his AClubKClub didn't make it in a three-way all in.

Lebel opened for 4k in early position, Hellmuth called in mid-position before Krizan moved all in with his small stack. Lebel was next to act and he moved all-in for about 100k and had Hellmuth covered. After a few moments of thinking, Hellmuth made the call, and his tournament life was on the line.

Zeljko Krizan: 7Heart7Club
Bastien Lebel: QHeartTHeart
Phil Hellmuth: AClubKClub

Lots of players gathered around the table when the dealer prepared to deal the first three cards. The flop came 9Club6Spade3Diamond, followed by the 9Diamond.

"It doesn't look like it is going to come," Hellmuth said.

The river card was the QClub and Lebel took home the pot.

"This kid slides it all-in with just a pair of sevens, how sick? I trapped the kid as well," Hellmuth said.

"Two sevens? What are you playing at?" Tony G replied.

"He plays every hand. He doesn't know what he is doing, Tony," Hellmuth said.

While the dealer counted Lebel's stack, and confirmed Hellmuth was out, he had time to calm down a bit before saying "Nice hand" and leaving the table and the competition.

Today the third day of the main event will be played. There are 26 players left with the chance of taking home the first place prize of $182,292. Jackson Genovesi, the Day 2 chip leader, is still in the lead and he will bring a monster stack to the tables today. With 750,500 chips he has about 250k more than his closest opponent Kerignard Gabriel. Tony G is the biggest name in the remaining squad of players. But it won't be an easy task for him to make it through Day 3 as he only has 117,000 chips left to work with.

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5 comments on "WPT Malta: Jackson Genovesi Takes Huge Lead Into Day 3"

 Fakiry19/09/2012 09:59:37 GMT
Helmuth was really upset for seeing the end of the tourney for him with his AK, and it must have been funny to watch Tony G and Helmuth both beating on Zeljko Krizan's head for going all-in with a pair of sevens. Come on, it wasn't bad played at all, he was short, he was the first to act, he should have thought he could still rob some blinds. If he haven't gone all-in, a call or a mini-raise would only put things worst. Or they defend he should have quit on that hand? A shortie leaving a mid pair?
 noonlion19/09/2012 12:22:07 GMT
LMAO at Hellmuth being a bad loser to a pp against his AK. It's a race and he even got beat by the Q-10, that must have enraged him.

Wow - not a single big name on that list. I reckon the miniscule prize pool woulda forced people to play riskier poker.

Gotta love Tong G needling Hellmuth who is never wrong when he shoves.
 3pokeronly19/09/2012 19:07:52 GMT
You should not "Trap" with AK, it is effectively only an Ace high, if he had pushed would they have folded is my question, the "kid" was always going to struggle with a small pair, especially with 2 guaranteed callers, bad play all round, Label got lucky.
 pochui19/09/2012 19:47:23 GMT
hellmouth is never happy, even if he ends up winning tournament he is still not happy, because some of the people doubted his unquestionable super quality before the start of the tourney. when he happens to lose, it's not about him- it's just that most of the table colluded against him, because they felt that there is no other way to beat his one of the kind skill set
 djpremier19/09/2012 21:32:46 GMT
2 guys from Finland left in the game Tongue Go Sampo! Smile

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