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All aboard the new era for poker! CoinPoker’s ICO Launches on Friday

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Posted on 18 January 2018 by "T".

Two Thirds of CHP already reserved with 30,000 + unique users and 4,000+ unique daily players already using site are launching their eagerly awaited ICO this Friday with only one third of its allocation left for sale - two thirds of CHP (chips) tokens already reserved for sale via the priority whitelist!

CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency based online poker room using blockchain technology to provide a transparent, secure, and accessible platform and is going to offer their in-game cryptocurrency called CHPs in two ICO stages. While the ICO will start at 10am (GMT) on Friday 19th January on the site, interested users started making their reservations from the 5th January and have already purchased part of the tokens to be made available. Since then, CoinPoker's MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has been downloaded 20,000 times and more than 30,000 unique users have registered on their website. There are already 15,000 CHP token holders and more than 4,000 unique daily players on the application!

"I'm very happy to see CoinPoker doing so well," said poker legend Tony G, one of the project's advisors, "Blockchain technologies are our future, and CoinPoker will begin the poker revolution that all the players have been waiting for. This is a game-changer!"

"CoinPoker is the first platform using the CHP token but it has a great chance to become the valuable utility token for use in the whole emerging crypto gaming industry and various projects", said professional crypto investor Sonic Zhang.

Additional advisors on this project include and poker industry veterans Isabelle Mercier, Warren Lush, and Michael Josem from the online gaming and poker industry space. There is also undoubted crypto market leaders backing this project including proven crypto investment consultancy company Digital X and top Asian crypto investment fund Valuenet Capital. Add top crypto advisors such as Sonic Zhang and Etherparty (FUEL) CEO Kevin Hobbs and it is clear there is huge momentum behind this project.

Everybody participating is able to purchase CHPs for the Stage I price - 4,200 CHPs for 1 ETH. After all the tokens allocated at this price are sold out Stage II will begin, and the price will rise to 3,500 CHPs for 1 ETH. The ICO is closing no later than on the 26th January, or when all the tokens are purchased before that. 

Afterwards, CoinPoker is going to hold numerous juicy promotions during which they will distribute 15% of the tokens collected to the community. It will start with two huge opening tournaments which, assuming the ICO is going to sell out fully, will have unprecedented prizepools, as well as a tournament on the 21st January with a Tesla S as a grand prize.

While this project is still to launch its ICO, it has already attracted a considerable user base. 100,000,000 CHPs were sold out in just 6 days during the pre-ICO in November, and afterwards, the project launched numerous promotions in which they gave away 5,000,000 CHP for free.

This activity allowed CoinPoker to stress test their application,
and in these few months, its stability has been improved and numerous bugs were fixed. On top of that, new features have been added, many of which had been suggested by the project's active community members. In fact, CoinPoker is involving its players in many processes, such as the selecting game formats, structures, the aforementioned features, and even app design.

Another way that the community gets their say is by participating in a bounty program that has an option for the players to design unique table skins for CoinPoker that have a chance of appearing on the app.

Security issues were explored, too. "CoinPoker has cracked down on multi-accounters," said industry veteran and CoinPoker's Head of Security Michael Josem, "CoinPoker closed a number of accounts that were used by the same people and that is just the start of the measures that CoinPoker is going to take in order to reduce the risk of cheating."

Michael Josem has his own article series on CoinPoker's Medium account in which he explores various security-related topics where he invites the community members to express their opinions on how the room is going to operate.

For example,
 The project's community is very active on its social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram) and they will have their say on how this project evolves.

CoinPoker is launching their ICO on the 19th of January, but there has already been a lot of progress made in terms of creating an active community, producing a well-tested viable product, and funding the final launch. At this point, it has already reached success and the upcoming ICO will determine the impact that CoinPoker can have in the gambling industry. For all information see:


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23 comments on "All aboard the new era for poker! CoinPoker’s ICO Launches on Friday"

 Fakiry18/01/2018 13:24:57 GMT
This may be part of the future, but i think it's still soon to enter in a big adventure with criptocurrencies. I don't want to desencourage anyone, i was just remembering of the value that currencies have already registered and the value they have today. The variance is huge. One can either buy 100 today and have it for the value of 50 or 500 tomorrow. It's not a decimal diffence, it's big numbers. I just hope everything runs well so others may follow and give this opportunity, along with the traditional ones.
 CALICUL18/01/2018 20:28:17 GMT
It remains to be seen how successful this poker room will be in the future. is launching on Friday but not in all countries. We still have to wait until we see if they will buy the license in all countries. Until then we may see a trailer or an advertisement. A tournament on the 21st January with a Tesla S as a grand prize is very nice but many players will cry... Smile
 doubletop77719/01/2018 09:00:39 GMT
I do not really fully understand all these new ways and i am looking forward to see what the future holds. These crypto currencies look like the future and we will have to get used to them
 Mober19/01/2018 09:27:27 GMT
On ico after another. Everyone is setting a new coin out there Smile
There are more than 1300 crypto coins right now.
Maybe we should start thinking, making our own coins.
Each person with its own coin Smile
 CALICUL19/01/2018 20:21:48 GMT
There is a need for a high-intensity solar storm to release a powerful jet of particles to our planet and these coins will lose their value. Crazy world with virtual coins. There are so many virtual coins and they will earn from conversion fees. How great are the conversion taxes? they will know...
 bowie198419/01/2018 23:29:08 GMT
Posted by Mober:
On ico after another. Everyone is setting a new coin out there Smile
There are more than 1300 crypto coins right now.

The problem is not how many of them available rather how frequently their value fluctuates. It is downright crazy.
 Mober20/01/2018 10:43:11 GMT
Some of them go up and down enough to earn you more than enough money.
I have read that there are scripts already used to exchange cryptocoins.
Big exchanges have too many transactions each day.
And some have crazy fees now.
 shokaku21/01/2018 14:07:08 GMT
Does anyone actually plays poker at that room, or is it all about the coins they use there? If i surf the net, there are a lot of sites discussing the ICO, but none about the poker games played there.
 bowie198421/01/2018 23:26:06 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Does anyone actually plays poker at that room, or is it all about the coins they use there? If i surf the net, there are a lot of sites discussing the ICO, but none about the poker games played there

Beacuse poker seems to be secondary concern to those whoever registering there. Kinda red flag for me tbh.
 CALICUL22/01/2018 09:01:38 GMT
I read more about this new poker room and the situation seems quite interesting. There are many good players who are interested in playing here. Have transparency in games, transaction speed, payment issues fast etc. I'm sure big platforms such as pokerstars or 888 poker will add crypto coins.
 Mober22/01/2018 12:47:40 GMT
There are too many "connecting" an ico with something else, like in this case the poker site,
advertising how different and revolutionary can be.
Kinda of bull if you ask me.
You are making a cryptocoin at the end, and that enough.
Like the ones that will buy into the ico they are gonna play poker or care about it Smile
 Serpang26/01/2018 08:44:27 GMT
That's too complicated for me. Should be open new wallet, buy coin ( bitcoin ??? )etc. much simple play at poker site which use skrill, Webmoney, etc. Very easy and fast to deposit and withdraw Big Smile Big Smile ,and no need wasting time to learn something new and complicated to play poker. ( play at micro buy in, lol )
 Mober26/01/2018 09:25:23 GMT
With micro buy ins you can play at any site. One that is credible enough Smile
And i dont think a micro buy ins players should play with cryptocoins either way.
You need something more solid there, so that you bankroll has every day the same value Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA06/02/2018 00:31:33 GMT
There seem to be a number of new entrants to the online poker industry recently. Isn't the market already saturated? Are there still unexploited resources and unexplored market segments? Will online poker surge in popularity in the next few years?
 pajalnick06/02/2018 05:29:21 GMT
poker room with crypto-currencies gives you an additional opportunity to get a profit or vice versa ...... for example you won 1 bitcoin when the price was 20,000 and decided that it was very good ... went somewhere and did not play a month ..... came and realized that they lost half of the money
 Mober06/02/2018 10:29:56 GMT
They found the worst period to launch that coin.
Everything is messed up in the crypto world.
Prices hitting rock bottom and some say it is not over yet.
I guess that btc bubble was too big and some decided to make it smaller Smile
@maggat. Are you still in with coins? Smile
 bowie198406/02/2018 17:09:35 GMT
Posted by Mober:
They found the worst period to launch that coin.
Everything is messed up in the crypto world.
Prices hitting rock bottom and some say it is not over yet.

The stock markets are dropping now as well 'cuz many people feel like selling there as well so it's not like this is a unique thing.
 pochui06/02/2018 21:46:09 GMT
dunno call me oldie or not modern etc. but I am getting pissed off the very moment I hear cryptocurrencies, coins, ico's mentioned. to me personally all this mayhem looks like a great scheme (yet another one) to lure away money from a great number of folks who somehow believe that this cryptobullshitcurrencies whatever is the seventh wonder of the world...
 Mober07/02/2018 10:45:14 GMT
It definitely has to do with age, at some point.
You see people at their 20s talking about it like it is a new revolution,
and something that will change the world for ever.
Take a step back, relax, and get off that horse of yours for a while...
 bowie198408/02/2018 00:53:13 GMT
Huge part of this is speculation and gamble - just like regular stock markets. This is why multiple banking outlets now forbid buying them with your credit cards. You could still buy them if you want, but just only with money you already have.
 Mober08/02/2018 11:15:26 GMT
The credit for buying crypto currencies with cards must be over the limit indeed.
To a point that banks thought they will never be able to get that money back.
That is why so many banks topped the use of them for buying crypto.
Read yesterday that UK banks followed also.
 godoy10/02/2018 15:19:40 GMT
I do not know, I do not have much suspicion about this because these virtual ciphers are easy and straightforward to lose and how they are not centralized if losing lost I do not like it much
 Mober11/02/2018 11:01:36 GMT
And there goes another opportunity for the not starting calling names politicians.
Besides the late story with the cryptocurrencies that has dropped quite a lot,
with all the changes. i read recently that couple of those politicians asked the whole matter,
to be added in the g20 agenda. In other words more bad news.

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