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WCOOP 2012: 245 Players Left in the Main Event!

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Posted on 24 September 2012 by "T".

The 2012 World Championship of Online Poker Main Event (Event #65: $5,200 No-Limit Hold'em) attracted lots of players with its eye-popping $5 million guarantee. However, many couldn't imagine in their wildest dreams that the prize pool would end up almost the double...

When the first hands were dealt it was obvious that that $5 million guarantee would met. Within 30 minutes of play the total number of entrants had already crept over 1,200, which made the prize pool more than $6 million. More and more people registered for the tournament until registration finally closed, with a total of 1,825 players and a prize pool of $9,125,000!

After about 12 hours of battle, the first day was over and 245 players had chips left. The chip leader was "munchenHB" (Cyprus) and "moukari6" (Finland) in second place with 536,563 chips. Play will resume tonight at 20:30 CET and the cash bubble will burst after 20 more eliminations. There is some life-changing money up for grabs on the final table, so we have a very interesting day/night of poker ahead of us!

End of Day 1 chip counts (TOP 10):
1. munchenHB (Cyprus) -- 587,433
2. moukari6 (Finland) -- 536,563
3. hnidel (Czech Republic) -- 442,654
4. JRADF79 (Belgium) -- 422,268
5. The Lag rat (Costa Rica) -- 416,817
6. sly caveat (Portugal) -- 409,459
7. SNG Grind_15 (Norway) -- 405,168
8. Rens02 (Netherlands) -- 385,579
9. leech4555 (South Korea) -- 369,185
10. NL_Profit (Russia) -- 362,355

Final Table Payouts:
1st prize: $1,612,843.75
2nd: $1,113,250.00
3rd: $750,000.00
4th: $513,281.25
5th: $365,000.00
6th: $249,112.50
7th: $182,500.00
8th: $136,875.00
9th: $91,250.00


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8 comments on "WCOOP 2012: 245 Players Left in the Main Event!"

 Fakiry24/09/2012 10:42:52 GMT
1,825 players made their way to enter a $5,200 buy-in tourney, wow! This is awesome news because it shows each time more players are betting on satelites to make the jump into a big tourney (i believe that, for many of these 1,825, it will be the first time entering a tourney with a buy-in this big), but it has its cons. Although the prize pool have also increased considerably, which is the good part, the bad news is that it will be more difficult to reach it, because there are more opponents...
 noonlion24/09/2012 12:37:00 GMT

that's just mega.

imagine taking that down - would just be insane. one hell of a buyin however, that's almost unheard of online. be very interesting to see how that goes.

PS must be loving themselves with the success of their tourneys etc.
 Doarulle24/09/2012 12:40:51 GMT
Who want to be at the final table ? anyone want that , in other news where we can see live final table?
 pochui24/09/2012 17:56:24 GMT
wow, just wow almost $10 millions- that is impressive. i must say pokerstars done their homework really well. wherever u look poker sites are closing down/ merging or just existing with no future at all- but stars are continuing to beat one record after another- and add full tilt under the stars management too
 nipitiri325/09/2012 03:57:53 GMT
munchenHB<<< that guy wins like all preflop all ins even if odds are 50-50 sometimes even when he is weaker been watching since was 23 players left now is 11 only he kicked out few
 Mysik8625/09/2012 05:47:06 GMT
Only six players left... munchenHB has the biggest stack but is a lot smaller than earlier... All of them won over $200k !
 nipitiri325/09/2012 08:58:00 GMT
well they made deal ...... 2 players got over 1 mil winner and 4th place lol
 manmani25/09/2012 09:40:42 GMT
Maratik is the winner, LOOOOOL
1: maratik (Russia), $1.000.907,26
2: TheCart3r (Canada), $662.516,39
3: Jossel2008 (Ireland), $814.602,12
4: munchenHB (Cyprus), $1.000.584,34
5: sly caveat (Portugal), $601.884,93
6: FOO-92 (Germany), $502.992,46
7: Kakalala (Denmark), $182.500,00
8: takechip (Canada), $136.875,00
9: mitdadu (Russia), $91.250,00

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