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Annie Duke on Fox Business

Tags: a healthy bet, Annie Duke, Fox News, gambling, John Stossel, Patrick Basham
Posted on 05 February 2013 by "T".

Former poker pro Annie Duke and Patrick Basham, the author of Gambling: A Healthy Bet, appeared on Fox Business on January 31st,. The two discussed gambling with John Stossel, the host of the show, and pointed out several reasons why online gambling should be legalised in the U.S., and Duke stressed that less than 1 percent of the people have gambling problems compared to alcohol, where 7-9 percent of the people have alcohol related problems.


Player Had To Leave Tournament After Questioning Annie Duke Over Epic Poker League Scandal

Tags: annie duke, epic poker league, epl, scandal, Ultimate Bet
Posted on 25 September 2012 by "T".

Annie Duke has been lying extremly low in the live poker scene since the Epic Poker League filed for bankruptcy in the end of February this year. EPL gernerated only $37,052 during its short exitence, however the bankruptcy showed that Duke paid herself $299,784 for her time as commissioner while Epic Poker amounted debts of over $8 million. Among the defrauded in the EPL scandal was the Disabled American Veterans Charity.

Read more » Player Had To Leave Tournament After Questioning Annie Duke Over Epic Poker League Scandal


Daniel Negreanu: "Howard Lederer assured me all players will be paid by the end of December 2013"

Tags: annie duke, april fools, daniel negreanu, howard lederer, weekly rant
Posted on 05 April 2012 by "T".

In the latest edition of the Weekly Rant, Daniel Negreanu talks about a meeting he had with Howard Lederer and Annie Duke on the Full Tilt situation, a vegan party at Cyndy Violette's house, his new soccer team, golf, ZOOM tactics, and more.


"The Annie Duke & Joan Rivers conflict"

Tags: annie duke, Celebrity Apprentice, conflict, joan rivers
Posted on 18 August 2009 by "T".

In a celeb program called 'Celebrity Apprentice' a big conflict between Annie Duke and Joan Rivers started. Joan Rivers, who's a legendary comedian in USA, became so irritated at Duke that she after the show called her for a Nazi and Hitler.

Anyhow, both players made it all the way to the final, a final which Rivers won in the end.  But the win wasn't enough for the comedian. After the win she continued speaking bad about Duke and in an recent interview with Los Angeles Times, she said the following.

"I don't hate poker players. I hate one particular poker player. Annie Duke is worse than white trash"

Rivers continues...

"After the TV show I went up to Duke to tell her congratulations for making it to the final, she pointed her finger at me"

Annie Duke, denies everything and says that all this is a big lie.



Annie Duke - "Let them think that you are stupid"

Tags: annie duke, poker, women
Posted on 23 July 2009 by "T".

According to the American poker pro, Annie Duke, women are wasting too much time trying to prove that they are really good poker players. Instead she thinks that women should let everyone think they can't play poker, and take advantage of it.

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Daniel Negreanu Aiming for a spot on Celebrity Apprentice Season 3

Tags: Annie Duke, Celebrity Apprentice, Daniel Negreanu, Donald Trump, Joan Rivers
Posted on 18 May 2009 by "M".

Poker professional and Team PokerStars member Daniel Negreanu let the world know through his blog that he is interested in participating in the third season of Donald trump's Celebrity Apprentice.Read more » Daniel Negreanu Aiming for a spot on Celebrity Apprentice Season 3

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