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PokerStars WCOOP 2012: FPP Qualifier Wins The Main Event! ($1,000,907.26)

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Posted on 25 September 2012 by "T".

It ended up being a Russian low stakes grinder who took home the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker Main Event for a life-changing $1,000,907.26! "maratik" had to win several FPP qualifiers to get his ticket for the main event. Then he was up against a field of 1,824 players, including many well-known players.

After almost 22 hours of poker stretching over two days, the final table began and he had 1,935,189 chips. At that point, many expected Mike "muchenHB" Telker from Cyprus to win the whole thing with his 11,907,089 chips.

But maratik played extremly well and had the second largest stack after "muchenHB" when 6 players remained. After about 60 minutes of six-handed deal negotiations, the players finally agreed on deal that left an extra $100k to the winner. After a few more hours of play, maratik and Ryan "TheCart3r" Carter (from Canada) were the last men standing. Carter had locked up $662k-plus while maratik had assured a $900k payday following the deal. Carter began the heads-up with 29,861,560 to maratik's 6,638,440.

Carter accumulated his monster stack by getting involved in lots of hands and, of course, winning many of them. He had been playing very good but also been very lucky with the cards. maratik on the other hand hadn't been playing a lot of hands since the 6-handed deal was made. He must have studied Carter's every single move during this time as he seemed to have full control of the heads-up. In fact, it didn't take long before he doubled up. His confidence grew as he kept on taking down pot after pot. Suddenly he had about the same lead as Carter had when the heads-up began.

The final hand began with Carter opening for 400,000 from the button, maratik reraised to 700,000, and Carter called. The flop came out 3HeartQSpadeJClub and maratik betted 1,014,999, Carter called. The turn brought the 3Spade and a bet of 3,827,997 from maratik. Carter pushed all in for 11,734,241, and maratik called.

Carter: JDiamond4Spade
maratik: AClubADiamond

The river card was the 4Club. Both players had two pair, but the Russian's were better. Maratik received $1,000,907.26 for the win, and Ryan Carter got $662,516.39

WCOOP Event #65 ($5,200 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event) Results (*reflects six-way deal):
1st: maratik (Russia) -- $1,000,907.26*
2nd: Ryan "TheCart3r" Carter (Canada) -- $662,516.39*
3rd: Jossel2008 (Ireland) -- $814,602.12*
4th: Mike "munchenHB" Telker (Cyprus) -- $1,000.584.34*
5th: sly caveat (Portugal) -- $601,884.93*
6th: FOO-92 (Germany) -- $502,992.46*
7th: Kakalala (Denmark) -- $182,500.00
8th: Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil (Canada) -- $136,875
9th: mitdadu (Russia) -- $91,250.00

Entrants: 1,825
Places paid: 225


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14 comments on "PokerStars WCOOP 2012: FPP Qualifier Wins The Main Event! ($1,000,907.26)"

 lukasb25/09/2012 18:10:13 GMT
I was just checking his stats on sharkscope and they sum it all, all we small time poker players dream of i mean.
I saw the last tournaments tab that he played and it was playing 6 seats $1.5 stgs before this main one . His graph, even thou was not bad, only showed a 5k profit playing over 3 years on stars. Resuming, he just won the lottery lol... 3 years small grinding finally paid off and big time.

This is what all of us wish it'll happen someday to us isn't it? Well to a lucky few it does happen. Congratz maratik!
 Sorin88825/09/2012 19:04:43 GMT
Having qualified for the $5,200 finale using just 100 FPPs, "maratik" held his nerve during the final table negotiations to lock up $900,900.

This amount was only eclipsed by "munchenHB" who guaranteed themselves $1,000,500 before exiting in fourth place.

However, with just "TheCart3r" from Canada standing in his way "maratik" put on an assured performance to collect the remaining $100,000 in the prizepool as well as the title.

His victory brought this year's series to a close and his $1,000,900 prize brought the final payout total to over $55,000,000.

Two players who aren't so pleased the WCOOP is ending are Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Eugene Katchalov. The pair must now faces the consequences of their prop bet, starting with "ElkY" giving an interview in Russian.

Katchalov must then complete 1,000 push-ups within 12 hours, before "ElkY”" has to bike 170km from Cannes to San Remo. Luckily for the Frenchman, though, Katchalov has taken pity on him and agreed to join him on the cross-country ride.
 pochui25/09/2012 19:11:35 GMT
wow- awesome roi to say the least- 100 fpp's thats something like 1.6 dollars. really to say that he won a life changing amount of cash sums it all. not the first time we see russians taking big prizes- they have so many players playing at all sorts of events- so guess it's not a big surprise in term of winning nation
 Doarulle25/09/2012 19:26:38 GMT
WOOOOOOW :X That is awesome or unreal ? from 100 fpp to 1 mil $ ? what a race :| now he don't need to work :|
 nipitiri326/09/2012 04:01:54 GMT
geezuz that guys best win is only lil bit bigger than my personal best ..... ummm before that 1 mil ofcourse
 nonoyang26/09/2012 04:37:30 GMT
yes! this is another rags to riches story, thanks to `maratik` he/she inspires the micro grinders representing us! Smile
 nipitiri326/09/2012 05:15:25 GMT
yea im happy for him it feel like it coulda been me thingy ... pooor guy won hehe

i was watching wwhen they were discussing deal that guy muchenHB was extremly bossy he even wanted 250k from martik and he finished 4th
 Mysik8626/09/2012 05:53:44 GMT
Awesome... and it shows that even micro-sdtakes grinder like us can win a LOT of cash! Dollar Dollar Dollar
 MIGO1426/09/2012 07:14:28 GMT
Wow, thats absolutely amazing. What a great story.
Gives me hope that maybe some day in my life I will also have a chance to win more than small pocket money Smile
And I am not talking about $1 Mio.
 Fakiry26/09/2012 12:41:06 GMT
Once again, everyone get that shiver down the spine realizing it is possible to reach the dream starting from collecting poker points. This time, it was a Russian, next time, it can be you or (even better!) me! We just have to keep playing and spending time on improving our game skills. And then, it’s just a matter of time til we put the hands on one million!
 Macubaas26/09/2012 19:41:27 GMT
Just WOW, that guy/gal definately had one of the sickest poker runs in the history of online poker for sure...

Considering that the path from those 100 fpp to the 1 mil dollar prize was so long it shows that t also had tons of luck and also skills Smile
 bravedancer27/09/2012 19:33:45 GMT
Well done sir, I can keep on dreaming and playing the satellites.
 caspy2122/10/2012 23:28:53 GMT
 Samarietis10/07/2013 00:07:45 GMT
Probably after that he was so happy that he played that sattaletie tournament Smile

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