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Ben Sulsky is now 2012's Biggest Winner on PokerStars

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Posted on 03 September 2012 by "T".

Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky has been doing extremely well at PokerStars' nosebleed tables in the past three weeks or so. In fact, as of September 1st, he was up $2,678,174 (over $900k from playing NLHE and over $1.7 million from playing PLO) this year, which means that he has won about $2k more than EireAbu (rumoured to be a Dutch pro based in Ireland) - the previous biggest winner of 2012 on PokerStars.

Now, it will be interesting to see how things turn out this week at PokerStars' high stakes tables. Maybe neither "sauce123" nor "EireAbu" will be in the lead next Monday? Anything is possible at these high stakes with so tough competition, so we will just have to wait and see.


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10 comments on "Ben Sulsky is now 2012''s Biggest Winner on PokerStars"

 noonlion03/09/2012 12:38:18 GMT
$2,700,000 in 3 weeks.

Wowsers. If that was me I'd call it a day and retire, invest and get out, play the odd tourney here and there.

Of course these guys don't think like that.
 ayaraled03/09/2012 13:59:32 GMT
most of his winnings came from isuldur1...seen some of their games and isuldur was a bit tilty in there game...sauce123 was crushing isuldur....
 noonlion03/09/2012 16:16:02 GMT
I think when any player tilts they are gonna get shredded.

Depends on how quick you can snap out of it.

Blom seems to get involved in marathons he cant walk away from regardless of how well he is or isnt doing.
 speed15503/09/2012 16:21:33 GMT
eireabu isn't that nick abu risk
 nipitiri303/09/2012 17:12:31 GMT
yeah 2,7 mil mil profit one day --3 mil next day at least thats how isildur plays
 Mysik8603/09/2012 17:18:45 GMT
Great... Almost $3M in 3 weeks! Great performance and skills...

But beware - I will come and beat your records Big Smile
 pochui03/09/2012 18:56:30 GMT
nice- probably he should call it a day for this year- cannot recall what were the biggest winners last year, but i assume that they had similar profit what ben has now- so what's the point risking what you already have- just enjoy some live events, play a few freerolls, enjoy life- 3 mil is a great lump of cash
 Fakiry04/09/2012 14:44:33 GMT
It’s not easy to keep good reasults always that way, or else these guys would already have mansions in the Moon and also in Mars. But Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky is doing very well, we still don’t know who’s behind the nick EireAbu, and action is keeping good rythm. It’s good to be back from vacation and find so many interesting poker news to read.
 Macubaas05/09/2012 07:19:15 GMT
Good for him but from what i know the majority of money that he has are from that epic heads up battle with isildur1...

If he continues with a solid game by the end of the year i think he may keep that position Smile
 Sorin88805/09/2012 10:05:27 GMT
Posted by noonlion:
$2,700,000 in 3 weeks.

Wowsers. If that was me I'd call it a day and retire, invest and get out, play the odd tourney here and there.

Of course these guys don't think like that.

Nice win and yes he will keep plying.If you were in his place will do the same thing,play.We are addicts,need every day doze of action to feel alive.You can try find a substitute ,but after you return to real thing.

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