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High Stakes: 2013 First Quarter Results

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Posted on 02 April 2013 by "T".

I's high time to compile the online high stakes results of 2013 as the first quarter is in the books. According to highstakesdb, the biggest winner to date is Alexander "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn. The Russian pro has played 724 sessions (53,623 hands) and generated a profit of a whopping $3,732,237.

Everyone's favourite Swede Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has played almost double the amount of hands than "PostflopAction" and he's currently the second biggest winner with $3,195,345. Blom has been in the lead several times but failed to remain there for long due to swingy sessions on daily basis. "FinddaGrind", the current nickname of Patrik Antonius, is ranked 3rd with $2,030,772 in winnings after less than 19,000 hands played. Antonius is up more than $11 million at Full Tilt Poker!

The biggest loser so far this year is no one else than Gus Hansen. The Danish Full Tilt Pro has had a few good sessions at the nosebleed tables in the past few weeks or so, but it doesn't change the fact that he's still down $2,596,918 after 53,949 hands. In total, Hansen has lost around 9 million dollars since highstakesb started tracking online cash games. Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky and Phil "Polarizing" Ivey are ranked 2nd and 3rd on the not-so-glorious list of 2013's (so far) 10 biggest losers online.

Below you can see the top 10 winners and losers of 2013 (January - April 2).



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10 comments on "High Stakes: 2013 First Quarter Results"

 Fakiry02/04/2013 10:54:55 GMT
When I look at this numbers my mind starts flying. I have played a lot in the last month, for what I’m used to (I played about 8 hour per week in March), and I managed to keep my bankroll just like it was in the beginning of the month, which I consider reasonable results for a player like me. I can feel happy for the points I’ve gathered, and I’m still waiting to know if I will get any rakeback. I’ve been playing at FTP and once I got rakeback there, a few months ago, but I don’t know if it was because I reached Silver status in Edge or if Bronze status will also pay me rakeback. Ok, after reading about all those millions you mobsters probably don’t want to talk about cents, but if someone can clarify me I would appreciate it.
 kilak02/04/2013 12:02:55 GMT
Edge payments are paid out each Friday at 07:00.
You can also check how muck rake you have coming back! There is an arrow beside the time display button on the right hand side of the lobby and there is one at the bottom by the customize button, scroll down using the one by the customize button and it will tell you how much you Edge reward will be the following week.
Also on the top of the lobby there is an Edge button if you click on this it will offer you options about your edge rewards entitlements.
I also suggest that you take a little time out and navigate the site yourself and become familiar with the software that you are using
There is no rake back for bronze
But there is a weekly free-roll for bronze.
Hope this helped you...
 kinogomes02/04/2013 12:18:13 GMT
For me the biggest winner of the year so far is Isildur1, it amazes me how he didjnt blowed any all the profits in a 24 hour non stop acrtion against half of the world!
 demodawggy02/04/2013 18:15:50 GMT
".....I managed to keep my bankroll just like it was in the beginning of the month, which I consider reasonable results for a player like me....."

You really have a keen interest in what goes on in the poker world! I don't keep track of it really, except for the odd poker TV show...

I'm with you on the bankroll thing.

I just HATE to see it shrink any, if I break approximately even at the end of the day,...I'm more or less happy. It goes up and down over the days. It's nice when it skyrockets way up there,...but you know it takes only a few bad days and it's way back down.

I'm just hoping I'll win HUGE money,...enough to retire, before poker lands me in the NUTHOUSE... Big Smile
 Doarulle02/04/2013 23:49:57 GMT
Wonder how is when you win about 2-3 millions $ ? I remember at the beginning of my poker carrier when i won a pot over $50 or more first think i've done was a scrn shot Smile) i think not even the craziest mobster who play online don't even think to win more than $ 100.000. A question: why Ivey still play on FTP without status of PRO ???
 Macubaas03/04/2013 07:53:15 GMT
The interesting thing is that once full tilt poker was open it quickly become the home of the online high stakes Smile

Not sure if you can calculate all in EV for those draw games but i saw that russian playing. I bet that he also knows the game but he also got tons of luck! I personally saw a big 40k+ pot vs blom in which he discarded 3 cards before the last bet round and he ended having the nuts lol
 pinku13503/04/2013 08:35:09 GMT
Good day Smile
The list is full of fulltilt players !! a lot of high stakes action is going on fulltilt !! i am amazed to the fact that it just reopened and doing business really good !! the money involved is just amazing .. i just wonder where they 'll stand in the end of the year Smile

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Fakiry03/04/2013 13:28:46 GMT
Thanks for the clarification. I met FTP a long time ago and i was used to play there, but not winning, depositing or withdrawing like i do now, that’s why i only knew how to play and never explored the software, but you’re right, i should do it. Now I’m still in Bronze, but future may bring progress…

I really like to follow the poker news, specially these ones about the big names of the game. About the bankroll, we know very well what can happen tomorrow, that’s why we should try to prevent it today. After writing those lines, yesterday, I’ve been playing for about 1h30 and I finished my session with $13 profit, $10 from the tables plus $3 from bonus for summing more FPPs. Of course I started thinking how nice it would be if I manage to play 1h30 per day and always with this kind of results, and I’m expecting to see how will my session be today (if I have time to play it), but I’m conscious that every session have its particularities… The way is to keep playing and always with positive thoughts! The nuthouse will happen to come, but that will only happen after we spend our millions of profits from the game in the extraordinary life experience! Aaaah…
 programyst04/04/2013 16:23:02 GMT
please send my 10$
 pochui04/04/2013 17:31:08 GMT
it seems whenever a new update is out gus hansen has lost a million or two more...where the hell does he take the money from...maybe he is a drug dealer? or maybe he is selling his kidneys twenty five times a day?
ivey isn't doing to well either, especially when he changed his nick to polarized balls...

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