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MOB ALERT: Another Exclusive PCA Qualifier - 75 seats for mobster only!

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Posted on 29 November 2012 by "M".


Once again, we are very happy to inform all our members that you will have another exclusive opportunity to qualify for the 10th Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure which is held at  the Atlantis Resort and Casino, situated on Paradise Island in The Bahamas between the 5th and 14th of January 2013.

BankrollMob will host another exclusive Deadline Turbo where the prize pool will contain 75 seats to the 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier* (10 Packages Gtd worth $16,000 each)! But this time it's a little bit different - our tournament is 100% Free! The password that you will need in order to register will be revealed 30 minutes before the action starts! Only 10,000 players can participate, so you better be quick!

What: BankrollMob PCA Satellite (ID: 647963849)
When: Sunday 2nd of December 17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET / 12:30 EST
Prize: PCA* seat x 75 ($10 each)! A chance to win a $16,000 PCA Package!
Requirements: Password will be revealed 30 minutes before the start!

*10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd)
When: 2nd of December @ 19:10 CET.
Where: Pokerstars Lobby > Torney > Satellite > Events > 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd).
Prize pool: $160,000 GTD - 10 PCA packages worth $16,000 each!

Please note: If the BankrollMob PCA Satellite continues over the starting time (19:10 CET) of the 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd), don't worry - the late registration is extended 180 minutes! The winners will be automatically seated in the target tournament. The seat is only for this Sunday's tourney.

For more information about the BankrollMob PCA Satellite, click here!

For our PokerStars Bonuses, click here!

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14 comments on "MOB ALERT: Another Exclusive PCA Qualifier - 75 seats for mobster only!"

 LuckyBalki29/11/2012 07:40:16 GMT
where it will be the password revealed?
 Mysik8629/11/2012 08:33:40 GMT
What about buy-in? Will it be a freeroll ?
 MIGO1429/11/2012 08:45:54 GMT
I guess the PW will be shown like with all other freerolls in the freerolls section.
And to Mysik86: Yes it will be a freeroll, no buy in needed (BRM already did one a few weeks ago)
 SorinelPoker29/11/2012 09:24:06 GMT
the password will be released 30 minutes before the tournament starts and if is in the freerolls section it should be a freeroll. Hope it is Big Smile
 pochui29/11/2012 09:45:31 GMT
well considering that this time this will be a freeroll i think that we will have that 10.000 players registered in no time- and as usual most of the registered players will be linked with brm in no particular way- they will just use the leaked password to get a free chance at the prize. sad to say this, but i think this tourney will be a regular donkfest
 damosk29/11/2012 11:55:41 GMT
Donkfest or not, get yourselves in there cos the more BRM'ers who get in there at 30 minutes before start, bang on the release of the password, then the fewer none BRM'ers that can enter...lets take it over and reclaim the felts!!!!
 teddybears7329/11/2012 12:26:42 GMT
great stuff again from BRM i''ll try and get in it,it would be nice if the some of the winners actually
post on the site rather than the one's that sign up just for the freebies and you never hear from them.
 marqis29/11/2012 12:51:30 GMT
If the BankrollMob PCA Satellite continues over the starting time (19:10 CET) of the 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd), don't worry - the late registration is extended 180 minutes!

This means that any winners will arrive hours late to the $10 Qualifier, and will have a tough time catching up, since they will be severely shortstacked.

Why not allow a little more time to finish, before starting the next one?
This seems like such a waste, of a $750 prize pool to me...
 GoTrixo29/11/2012 17:57:24 GMT
i willl participate if its gonna be freeroll. Gonna be lots of fun only by participating already playing vs fellow mobsters Big Smile and perhaps knocking some out of the tournament Tongue GL everyone Smile
 Indo36M29/11/2012 20:22:11 GMT
no buy in,but u need act fast GG ALL
 Impak00730/11/2012 15:00:43 GMT
Nice and good job from bankrollmob. But it is pity, i am not here at this date,so good luk to all mobsters !!
 Indo36M30/11/2012 16:10:49 GMT
well you know how some play the bankroll freeroll's, i think that this , to win a seat in the 10$
Qualifier where u can win 10 full packeds PCA,would be harder then the bankroll freeroll.coz look how some play those freerolls every hour,just becoz some players think: i go al in whit 2 3 off suit
becoz there are 24 freerolls a day,and from the 20.000 players in the freerolls,1000 play serious,and the others pretend they are sitting in the BINGO Club,for 50 Years and Older Aww crap!
But again i wish the players Good luck,butnotthe donkey's IIIIIIAAAAAA Worship Worship Thumbs Up
 brianj30/11/2012 17:02:04 GMT
To all you Bankroll mobsters the password is given to only us "special" members by our supreme leaders and the least people that are in the tourney the more chance you have of going to the caribbean so keep the password to yourself.I just had another thought can a non BRM member claim the prixe ticket.They certainly shouldn't beable to,in my view.don't get me started brianj
 Doarulle01/12/2012 00:59:50 GMT
Sad why i can't play on the stars Sad i think i'll made another account for play Big Smile

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