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2013 WSOPE: Daniel Negreanu wins High Roller

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Posted on 25 October 2013 by "M".

dnNone other than maple syrup lover Daniel Negreanu was the last man standing in the WSOPE High Roller event which concluded today after three days of intense battle. The first place gave Negreanu €725,000 in prize money and yet another WSOP bracelet (his sixth WSOP bracelet in total).

The High Roller final table kicked off with Negreanu dead last which he explained to "I honestly felt like I was going to win [the event] the whole time," Negreanu admitted.  "The thing was I played the Main Event earlier and I sat with 10-15 big blinds the whole tournament. I was fighting it, but I ended up getting knocked out 25th. Then I thought to myself, 'Eight big blinds? How are they gonna knock me out again?' And once I doubled up and was at about 20 [big blinds]...once I was back in the mix and I doubled up again, I saw the faces, I saw the people looking around. I could sense it and I felt like, here it is, my opportunity to win this thing".

The heads-up between Negreanu and Nicolau Villa-Lobos reached its deciding moment when Villa-Lobos went all in holding a pocket of 5's  ( 5 of diamonds 5 of clubs ) while Negreanu called and showed a pocket of J's (Jack of diamonds Jack of spades ).
The flop: Queen of diamonds 9 of hearts 2 of diamonds
The turn: King of diamonds
The river: 3 of clubs

The WSOPE High Roller top 8 finishers:
1st: Daniel Negreanu – Canada - €725,000
2nd: Nicolau Villa-Lobo – Brazil - €450,000
3rd: Philipp Gruissem – Germany - €250,000
4th: David Peters – USA - €150,500
5th: Timothy Adams – Canada - €100,600
6th: Scott Seiver – USA - €74,600
7th: Jason Koon – USA - €63,500
8th: Erik Seidel – USA - €55,400

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11 comments on "2013 WSOPE: Daniel Negreanu wins High Roller"

 lukasb25/10/2013 09:41:31 GMT
Have to agree with Negreanu here. Once I'm down to 8 bb I also feel I'm going to win it hehe.
 Calmplay25/10/2013 09:46:34 GMT
Way to go Kidpoker on WSOP POY for the 2nd time, he's such a fantastic tournament player Cool and congrats on his 6th bracelet too. More to come for sure lol. And also congrats for the 2nd place finisher who I heard won his seat via a satellite... Thumbs Up
 noonlion25/10/2013 11:26:32 GMT
I think this is a huge win for him especially in the high roller as I don't think everyone gives him a lot of credit for being one of the better players in the big cash or tournament events. One hell of a year, nice way to seal victory too Jacks over fives with the higher flush draw too.
 Heskor25/10/2013 12:20:03 GMT
Nice finally told you he will win the high roller bracelet, he had a good table and kudos to him for exploiting it.

The final hand he had just too much equity to win, cant see him lose with pocket JJ lol.
Anyway congratulations to him and hope he keeps up winning till the end of the year.

He had a good year so far, lots of wins this year cheers!
 cucho31626/10/2013 02:01:11 GMT
congratz to the 'poker kid', nice leason too: how to survive with less than 10 bb's and fight thourgh the whole tournament short stack.
good luck to all, gretings!
 flashfaust0126/10/2013 15:51:51 GMT
Great work Daniel, he deserves this winning I assume.

By the way, going all-in with 5s...mmm.
I don't know how to play small pocket pairs in heads-up.
If I have pocket 5s, I'll just go see the flop, not all-in.
 robert7827/10/2013 17:34:12 GMT
nicely done
 Uzbek777Cash28/10/2013 03:55:35 GMT
Negreanu, what is your secret?))
 doubletop77708/11/2013 14:49:42 GMT
daniel negreanu still seems to be playing 'out of this world poker' after all these years at being at the very top of the poker world. he has an uncanny ability of knowing what other people are holding. he seems to know when his opponent has a medium hand and always puts him to the test with a large bet. great, great player and a surefire hall of famer
 mirexxx13/11/2013 08:50:20 GMT
1 Daniel Negreanu $1,001,225 672
2 Nicolau Villa Lobos $621,450 560
3 Philipp Gruissem $345,250 448
4 David Peters $207,841 336
5 Tim Adams $138,868 280
6 Scott Seiver $102,978 224
7 Jason Koon $87,655 168
8 Erik Seidel $76,474 112
 aleksey77www23/11/2013 01:25:50 GMT
Даниэль Негреану один из лучших в покере, вот у кого надо учиться, учиться, учиться!

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