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Viktor Blom tops last week's online cashgame winnings

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Posted on 08 October 2013 by "M".

vbIt's been reported that Viktor "Isildur" Blom was the player that profited most of the cashgame highstake players last week. Blom made a profit of close to $2 million after a pretty long down swing. On the other side of the spectrum, Phil Ivey is topping the minus league of last week.

Top 10 winners last week Top 10 losers last week
1. Viktor "Isildur" Blom: $1 914 489
2. Hac "trex313" Dang: $253 566
3. "mikki696: $238 428
4. Daniel "jungleman12" Cates: $231 787
5. "allah312": $223 366
6. "Carlooo13": $223 110
7. "Angela1987": $193 030
8. Ola "no_Ola" Amundsgaard: $185 566
9. Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius: $175 083
10. "JayP-AA": $134 038
1. Phil "Polarizing" Ivey: $486 276
2. Harry "Schoitl" Casagrande: $402 184
3. "RookieNFL": $388 950
4. "SanIker": $332 740
5. "punting-peddler": $331 213
6. Tom "durrrr" Dwan: $287 771
7. "samrostan": $256 043
8. Niklas "ragen70" Heinecker: $222 840
9. Gus Hansen: $194 884
10. "GSinishtaj": $160 138


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16 comments on "Viktor Blom tops last week''s online cashgame winnings"

 lukasb08/10/2013 15:13:56 GMT
Am i the only one that would retire from poker (at least nose bleed stakes ) if i ever made almost 2M in one week?
 Heskor08/10/2013 15:21:15 GMT
Posted by lukasb:
Am i the only one that would retire from poker (at least nose bleed stakes ) if i ever made almost 2M in one week?

Why would you retire if you owning the nose bleed stake?
Your mentality at this level would change you would stay in the game and getting better and owning everybody lol.
If you plan to make a living without going to nosebleed stake it is much better without all the pressure from media and people looking at your results.

Anyway keep it up Blom!! We are happy to hear about your swings!!
 avickter11908/10/2013 16:07:14 GMT
Blom is a super agro, his roller coaster rides are legendary!
 pochui08/10/2013 18:06:01 GMT
4 days ago blom was my hero- he was winning enough to buy a villa in the bahamas
3 days ago blom was piece of sh1t to me- he was losing more than i managed in my whole play money career
2 days ago Blom was my hero again - he was winning so much that it would be enough to buy 5674 blonds and 78420 bottles of vodka...would make an epic party
yesterday Blom was an absolute moron- he didn't log in (though that might mean that he used my idea and had an epic party)
 Phisix08/10/2013 20:31:40 GMT
You buy Vodka and Blondes, Pochui? You crazy party animal you!

Anyone know if Blom does anything else in his life than online poker and live poker?
 Calmplay08/10/2013 21:00:04 GMT
Posted by Phisix:

Anyone know if Blom does anything else in his life than online poker and live poker?

Vik Blom buys vodka and blondes when he's away from the tables, don't look at his appearance as even his look can bluff you... Big Smile

Now I'm waiting for the next losing news of Blom lol
 Phisix08/10/2013 21:42:30 GMT
Viktor "The Yoyo" Blom?
 noonlion09/10/2013 07:12:34 GMT
Sexy week of poker for him....especially when you see so many good players on losing runs.

Anyone know who the trex313 guy is? seen their name in top rankings for awhile now.
 pochui09/10/2013 07:39:18 GMT
Posted by Phisix:
You buy Vodka and Blondes, Pochui?

no i just buy the vodka- i'm pretty sure that blonds will come flying like flies to sh1t when they spot me and my shining intelligence and smell the unbeatable vodka/armpit aroma
 Macubaas09/10/2013 20:07:44 GMT
Nice that BRM stuff took this news and posted it up on the main page considering so many people where starting to ask when Viktor will earn back the 1.5 M that lost in couple of days lol

Now that he is up we should expect a new downswing??
 Rencce11/10/2013 19:17:44 GMT
Amazing winnings. Can't imagine myself winning 2 million in one week Big Smile
 Macubaas11/10/2013 20:10:59 GMT
If you think about it the sum is huge but you always also need to think the limits on which he plays.

In other words convert this amount in bb or BB and it doesn't look out of this "world" lol
 Forcharity11/10/2013 20:48:06 GMT
If I made 2 million on 1 week I would definlty just jump down and grind $50/$100 for a living. Would be much wiser.
 demodawggy12/10/2013 03:13:28 GMT
I think he has NO respect for money... and is severely addicted to poker. he should just take the money and run. Buy a modest house and a decent car and maybe a pick-up truck and call it a day....and live an easy life.

And he should STAY away from any women who knows who he is,....or THEY will take all his divorce court! Confused Big Smile

Would YOU trust any chicks who troll high stakes poker rooms...? Tongue
 Cdosmin23/10/2013 18:43:54 GMT
He just doesn't care of money. Otherwise you can't win (or lose) huge amounts of greens.

Or he is addicted to blondes and vodka and needs money to fuel his daily sins.
 doubletop77715/11/2013 12:08:44 GMT
these lists make fascinating reading. why would you want to risk all that money if you have allready won about $20,000,000. They must be all staked to play these tables and i bet they have only won a fraction of this

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