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2013 WSOP Main Event: Only Two Players Remain!

Tags: 2013 November Nine, Jay Farber, JC tran, Ryan Riess.
Posted on 05 November 2013 by "T".

The 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event final table is down to only two players after 171 hands of thrilling poker! Jay Farber (105,000,000) and Ryan Riess (85,675,000) are the last two players of 6,352 entries and they will now get some well-deserved sleep before the cards are back in the air again (broadcast starts at 6.00 PM Las-Vegas time on ESPN).

Ladies and gentleman, the world champion title, the coveted gold bracelet and a massive $8,361,570 first-place prize is still at stake, so expect nothing but a super thrilling conclustion to the tournament!

JC Tran was eliminated in 5th place 

Many expected JC Tran to win the Main Event, but unfortunately 44 previous WSOP cashes and an 8 million chip advantage over his closest opponent simply weren't enough to help him today. Basically, he didn't pick up many decent hands and every time he got himself involved in a pot the poker gods turned against him. In the final hand (hand #161), he moved all-in for 9.925 million and Jay Farber (current chip leader) called. Tran held AHeart7Spade and was up against the KSpadeQHeart of Farber.

The flop came down KDiamondJHeart9Heart and left Tran with only 15.25% chance of winning the hand. The turn card was the 5Diamond and he needed an ace on the river to stay alive. The 6Heart wasn't what he needed and he exited the tournament in fifth place. Tran received $2,106,893 for his finish, and Farber moved over 100 million in chips.


1. $8,361,570
2. $5,174,357
3. Amir Lehavot (Israel) $3,727,823
4. Sylvain Loosli (France) $2,792,533
5. JC Tran (USA) $2,106,893
6. Marc-Etienne McLaughlin (Canada) $1,601,024
7. Michiel Brummelhuis (Holland) $1,225,356
8. David Benefield (USA) $944,650
9. Mark Newhouse (USA) $733,224



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11 comments on "2013 WSOP Main Event: Only Two Players Remain! "

 Heskor05/11/2013 12:52:31 GMT
Damn was rooting for JC Tran to win. Anyway I am voting for the tall one to win. Seriously I do not know who is who on the picture. Finally WSOP is heading to the final 2.

The hand JC Tran was eliminated was a coin flip, sad to see him go like this. Cheers keeps the good work up guys. Was a nice comp!!
 Forcharity05/11/2013 14:38:22 GMT
That Jay Farber guy is such an asshole. Doesn't deserve it at all but whatever. He made some kind of fake check in a hand and it didnt get corrected. He clapped 4 times on the tables and then said he didnt mean to check.
 RoninHarper05/11/2013 16:09:07 GMT
G'day mates

Well it would have been nice if the card gods had been nicer to JC Tran.
Jay Farber will not be a good representative for poker if he win.
I base this on the way he has been acting the entire WSOP event.
What a total jerk, he has been a total weasel from what I am told by many people I trust to call it like they see it.
be cool mates
 pochui05/11/2013 16:57:14 GMT
well this very often what happens - biggest jerks win the biggest cash, smallest sausage dudes get the hottest babes, your room mate and not u get promoted, boss seat is occupied by complete moron and so on...there is a saying "life is a bitch, and then you die" Agree
in the end everything depends on how u look at things: u can be grumpy sack of sh1t or look for the positives in every situation...
 Sorin88806/11/2013 07:31:03 GMT
Lucky guess Heskor,the tall guy won and his name is Ryan Riess .Once again a young professional has walked away with the biggest prize in poker, as 23-year-old Ryan Riess of Michigan defeats Jay Farber heads-up to become the 2013 World Series of Poker for $8,361,570.Jay Farber is amateur player and nightclub promoter
 noonlion06/11/2013 18:04:51 GMT
Too bad that Farber guy got there, seems the consensus is he's a duickhead, Jamie Gold type player.
At least the good guy won in the end.

Just shows with Tran that if you don't get the cards you simply cannot win these events even with a big chip lead and inexperienced players.
 doubletop77710/11/2013 09:27:02 GMT
riess deserved to get through but anyone who had got through would have loved to have farber to play against heads up. david benefield would have played him without even looking at his cards! jamie gold all over again
 sergejcho10/11/2013 10:10:05 GMT
1. $8,361,570
2. $5,174,357
3. Amir Lehavot (Israel) $3,727,823
4. Sylvain Loosli (France) $2,792,533
5. JC Tran (USA) $2,106,893
6. Marc-Etienne McLaughlin (Canada) $1,601,024
7. Michiel Brummelhuis (Holland) $1,225,356
8. David Benefield (USA) $944,650
9. Mark Newhouse (USA) $733,224

How many players is registred to the tournament because the prizes are preety crazy.
 kulturniss10/11/2013 23:41:05 GMT
Damnm what serious money in the pot. Big Smile
love poker, love cash, love WSOP
 demodawggy11/11/2013 06:25:37 GMT
Posted by pochui:
smallest sausage dudes get the hottest babes

Big Smile<lol....

I saw a short interview with JC Tran a few weeks ago... He has a VERY hot white babe for a wife...! Thumbs Up now I'm thinkin' he MUST have a wee, wee wee...!!!

Since he already HAS the hot babe,...maybe he could take a portion of his winnings and get some penis enhancement surgery...! Smile
 pochui11/11/2013 08:58:02 GMT
rumors at the tables go that JC Tran's full name is Jolly Cock wonder he has tuned it up a bit Tongue ya those $2mil+ will be enough even for anus whitening operation as well...might even be enough for armpit glazing, lubrication and dehumidification combo package Agree

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