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It's back: Weekly $200 Party Poker freeroll

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Posted on 15 January 2013 by "K".

After a short break in 2013, we can now announce that the weekly $200 freeroll at Party Poker has been secured for (rest of) January, February and March. 

Will it be extended beyond March? It depends on you guys! If you're active and playing as many of our weekly $200 Party Poker freerolls as possible, then there are very good chances we can keep it going.

In order to play in them, your Party Poker account must be tracked to BankrollMob (created through a link from our site), and you must have earned 50 PartyPoints in the specified time frame (check the description on each freeroll) - this is to ensure the freerolls are for active players.

Click here to view our freeroll schedule on Party Poker.

If you do not already have an account at Party Poker, check out our offers here!

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6 comments on "It''s back: Weekly $200 Party Poker freeroll"

 Fakiry15/01/2013 16:14:09 GMT
I wish everyone with the possibilities to enter these freerolls the best of patient and the just in time tactics to do what it takes to reach the paid places. Go for this, turn it possible to be played in the rest of the year. I think i won't be able to help because that's my "bad luck" room, where every games i play end up in the worst way for me, turning it almost impossible to make 50 points.
 Terroreffekt15/01/2013 16:21:23 GMT

really nice i think to change my Pokersoftware or install the others too. I read here only bad things about PStars and tournaments or events from BRM are only on the other software Sad
I wish u good luck & fair play Blink


really nice i think to change my Pokersoftware or install the others too. I read here only bad things about PStars and tournaments or events from BRM are only on the other software
I wish u good luck & fair play

WoW how much i had to post to get MobPoints its my second Post and I didnt get any Mob Points. What going wrong here ? Sad
 Macubaas15/01/2013 20:35:24 GMT
I think this is great for all mobsters out there that play regulary on party poker.

My pp account was made via bankrollmob but the problem is that i do not play anymore there so i do not make party points. And from what i know those points aren't made too easy.
 Weenie15/01/2013 22:32:25 GMT
hmm quite strict requirements (for me) Big Smile How "hard" is to collect 50party points? And how many players played this freerol in the past? last question, what is the payout structure in this tournament?
 pinku13516/01/2013 11:41:47 GMT
Good day everyone Smile
party poker is a nice software .. this freeroll is a great promotion to all the players whoplay on party poker .. they can make use of it to build a nice bankroll Smile but the thing is we have to earn 50 pp points !!! and it should be tracked to BRM !! yeah 50 points is surely hard to collect !! good luck to all who are participating on these freerolls Smile

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 lukasb16/01/2013 12:12:54 GMT
PartyPoker was my first NDB got here trough bankrollmob and since I've played it, I've been back to party rarely ( counting them it was 2 times more coz of some promo mails they sent me).

I don't keep good memories from them unfortunately. Partially it's my own problem. I was just starting and had no idea what i was doing ( still don't but that's at least disguised with some smart ass comments in chat here and there lol) and the other part was they're crappy software and tournament choice for beginners.

Maybe that changed now with the new software i don't know.
Gl to everyone participating in that point chase and freeroll afterward. This one i think it's not for me.

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