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Tony G Wins €1.85 Million Pot?

Tags: casino, Czech Republic, high stakes, Kings Club, party poker, Prague, tony g.
Posted on 19 February 2013 by "T".

On Monday, Tony G blogged about an insane cash game at Kings Club in Prague, Czech Republic. According to himself, he lost about €500,000 in a €2k/€4k cash game the first day. The same day as that cash game took place he also played a €10,000 High Roller (rebuy) event, but he decided to skip Day 2 and let his average stack get blinded off.

After 1-2 days of relaxing with his girlfriend, Tony G decided to hit the cash game tables again and try his luck. He sat down and played heads-up with a person he referred to as 'Leon'.

"On my last day at Kings Club I jumped back in the game with Leon. I was down another 1M almost before my butt hit the chair - that's how it felt anyway. I got the stakes jacked up to 5K-10K and the game was crazy. The last few minutes of the game ran out like a scene in a movie. I was down 1.5M total and with the driver waiting to take me to the airport, I had 20 minutes to make or break myself with cards and chips flying through the air.

In the final hand I held A-A and we got it all in pre flop for a 1.85M pot. It was a sick comeback. I ended up 300K winner for the trip," Tony G wrote in his blog.


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10 comments on "Tony G Wins €1.85 Million Pot?"

 ayaraled19/02/2013 15:44:55 GMT
insane pot.... and the g was lucky to have AA and all in heads up with 1.85 million in the best starting hand with a almost 2 million in the pot pre flop....what can say...the lucky g..
 manuste619/02/2013 17:04:04 GMT
 kingjack19/02/2013 17:55:00 GMT
tony g = donk and a liar
 mkrkinnen19/02/2013 18:41:47 GMT
haters gona hate... go G!
 OneBourbon20/02/2013 04:46:18 GMT players don't lie Tongue
 Sorin88820/02/2013 07:41:46 GMT
Writing on his blog, Tony admitted that despite playing like a "donkey", he managed to finish his 72 hour session in profit by more than €300,000.
Having dropped €500,000 to Leon during the first half of their battle, Tony's decision to up the blinds to €5k/€10k proved a wise one
 Cliffem20/02/2013 15:31:29 GMT
Wins 1.85 m pot,still only makes minor profit in highstakes terms.
 Fakiry20/02/2013 15:50:32 GMT
Wow, what another great day to remember for Tony G.. And unfortunately it looks like this story hasn’t much in common with lots of others we read here. But I can see one thing in common: although he played a big hand for a big pot, it turned out to be not as good as it could represent because he was already losing a lot money, and that huge pot only passed his bankroll to the positive side on a couple of bucks (€300k may be a lot of money, but not that much when we know there were €1.85M on the pot)! Why does it always have to be that way?
 mcedger20/02/2013 19:36:48 GMT
just the fact he let his average stack just bind out in the HIGH ROLLER tells me Mr G is losing his heart and commitment for the game.
 leking120/02/2013 21:25:49 GMT
he is the cryses player alive , but i will take him any day over any one, dont know what he does but he does it right Smile

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