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Aussie Millions: Mervin Chan Won The Main Event (AU$1,500,000)

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Posted on 04 February 2013 by "T".

The 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event final table was played over the weekend. Dan Shak brought the largest stack to the final table (3.7 million) and fellow high-stakes pro Patrik Antonius was ranked 3rd (3.3 million). Shak was sent packing in 4th place, which left Joseph Cabret (8.1 million), Patrick Antonius (5.2 million) and Mervin Chan (4.9 million) fighting for the title!

Antonius had shoved a couple of times late on Day 5 and never failed to scare his opponents and pick up the pots, but now he picked a bad spot and lost almost everything.

Mervin Chan opened for 325k from the button, Antonius betted 4.96 million from the small blind. Cabret folded and Chan called right away.

Antonius: AClub4Diamond
Chan: JSpadeJDiamond

The board ran out 9Spade8Diamond6DiamondkDiamond6Heart and Chan took home the pot of about 10,000,000! Patrik Antonius was left with only 160k and busted within a few minutes. After a short break, the heads-up between Mervin Chan and Joseph Cabret started. Only a few hands into the heads-up a winner was determined!

Mervin Chan raised to 320k and Cabret three-bet to 860k. Chan called and the flop came down 8Club7Diamond3Club. Both players checked. Next card was the 8Diamond and Cabret bet 1.2 million. Chan raised to 3 million, and Cabret announced that he was all in. Chan snap-called and showed 8Spade6Spade. Cabret showed ADiamond3Diamond for a flush draw. The kHeart on the river gave Mervin Chan, 29, of Malaysia the title and AU$1,600,000. Cabret received AU$1,000,000 for his second place.

Final table results:

1 Mervin Chan $1,600,000
2 Joseph Cabret $1,000,000
3 Patrik Antonius $600,000
4 Dan Shak $400,000
5 Jarrod Glennon $290,000
6 David Yan $220,000
7 Jay Tan $150,000

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4 comments on "Aussie Millions: Mervin Chan Won The Main Event (AU$1,500,000)"

 Sorin88804/02/2013 11:13:48 GMT
No sooner does one major tournament end than another one gets underway.
Mervin Chan captured the Aussie Millions Main Event title after a marathon final table which had to be extended another day because it was taking so long
Aussie Millions ends, EPT Deauville begins
 Fakiry04/02/2013 15:51:29 GMT
Patrick was doing very well, and with his curriculum he was frightening the opponents, but when one of them had a real hand, there's nothing he could do. Ace all-in is something used by a lot of players when having only two opponents, but is also reveals its weaknesses.
 pinku13504/02/2013 18:49:38 GMT
Good day everyone Smile
Well i expected patrick antonius would take down this one !!! but unfortunately he crapped out at 3rd ... well it was a tough table though ... it took an extra day to complete the event ... here the ace all in really did not work out for him ... antonius is really a good player .. one of the best in the lot .... !! unfortunate to him ..!!

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 leking104/02/2013 20:02:17 GMT
great job Chan, even if a wish it was Patrik who won, but very impresset Chan, too win such a tough finale table with Patrik and Dan Shark Smile

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