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Kai Chang Won WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star ($1,138,350)

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Posted on 11 March 2013 by "T".

The season XI World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star main event ended up as the record for field size at this tour stop (643 players). Last Friday, after 5 days of play, the field had been narrowed down to a final table with the following 6 players:

Seat 1. Joe Nguyen - 2,175,000 (72 bb)
Seat 2. Erik Seidel - 3,435,000 (114 bb)
Seat 3. Chris Johnson - 2,740,000 (91 bb)
Seat 4. Paul Volpe - 5,525,000 (184 bb)
Seat 5. Kai Chang - 2,590,000 (86 bb)
Seat 6. Joe Kuether - 2,830,000 (94 bb)

As you can see above, Volpe (runner-up at the 2013 L.A. Poker Classic) and Erik Seidel (won the Season VI Foxwoords Poker Classic) were in the lead when the action kicked off. However, all players at the final table started with a deep stack, so it was impossible to determine who would take down the tournament.

First elimination after 3,5 hours
It took about three and a half hours of play (hand 79) before the first player hit the rail. Kai Chang raised from the button to 125k and Joe Kuether moved all in from the small blind for 860k. Joe Nguyen moved all in from the big blind for 4.2 million. Chang folded.

Kuether JHeartJSpade
Nguyen ADiamondASpade

The board ran out AHeartQSpade7ClubQClub3Diamond and Nguyen took down the pot with a full house. Kuether received $162,240 for his sixth place finish.

Chris Johnson hit the rail in the next hand
Many expected it to take a while before the next elimination would take place, but in fact it happened in the next hand. Chris Johnson raised from UTG to 125k. Chang called and Erik Seidel called from the big blind.

FLOP 10Diamond8Spade5Heart

Seidel checked, Johnson bet 200k, and Chang raised to 700k. Seidel folded right away. Johnson moved all in for 1.9 million. Chang quickly called.

Johnson KHeart10Heart
Chang 10Club10Spade

Turn and river brought JSpadeQClub and Chang laid hands on the pot with three-of-a-kind tens. Johnson finished fifth ($208,910).


Erik Seidel sent packing in 4th place
Seidel, the only WPT champ on the final table, had been short stacked for quite some time during 4-handed play. He doubled up once, but his stack was still small and it didn't take long before he was forced to put his tournament life at risk again. Seidel pushed his remaining stack of 1,2 million to the center of the table from the small blind. Paul Volpe asked for a count and then called with ADiamond4Diamond. Seidel showed JSpade10Heart.

The flop came down JHeartJDiamond7Diamond and Seidel had flopped trip jacks. But there was no time for any celebration whatsoever as the dealer turned over a KDiamond on the turn, which gave Volpe a flush of diamonds. The river card was the 8Heart and Seidel had busted in 4th place. Seidel left the table after signing a "I Busted Erik Seidel" t-shirt for Volpe, who also received a bounty medal and $2.5k in cash.

28 hands later heads-up play kicked off
After Erik Seidel had been eliminated it took 28 hands before another player was sent packing and heads-up could begin. Volpe moved all-in from the small blind for 1.5 million. Chang called from the big blind with AClub9Club. Volpe turned over QHeart10Heart.

The table ran out KHeartKSpade7Diamond6Diamond3Spade and Chang took down the pot with with his Ace. Altough Volpe had reached 2 WPT Main Event final tables as chip leader in about a week's time, he must have been quite disappointed not to win one of them. Let's hope that he gets another chance soon!


When heads-up begun, Chang (12,515,000) held a 2-1 chip advantage over Nguyen (6,780,000). The match for the title didn't last more than six hands. Nguyen raised to 250,000 pre flop and Chang called.

FLOP 10Heart7Diamond5Spade

Chang checked and Nguyen bet 325k. Chang made the call. The turn was the 9Diamond and Chang checked once again. Nguyen bet 530,00 and Chang took a few moments of thinking before making a re-raise of an unknown amount. Nguyen went all in for about 7 million and Chang snap-called.

Chang 8Spade6Diamond
Nguyen 10Diamond2Diamond

Chang had a ten-high straight, Nguyen a pair of tens with a flush draw. The river card was the 6Club and Chang won the tournament for $1,138,350, a WPT trophy and a $25,500 seat into the reason-ending WPT World Championship.

1: Kai Chang - $1,138,350
2: Joe Nguyen - $666,740
3: Paul Volpe - $435,610
4: Erik Seidel - $295,590
5: Chris Johnson - $208,910
6: Joe Kuether - $162,240


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2 comments on "Kai Chang Won WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star ($1,138,350)"

 Fakiry11/03/2013 13:48:00 GMT
What was Paul Volpe's hand when he lost against Kai Chang? Was he bluffing or what? And getting a call from A9 suited? Ok, there were only three players left, in this case it can be a nice hand, but it always depend on how many chips are in game. Volpe just showed he plays nice two times in two consecutive weekends, was this his 15 minutes of fame or will he keep top paid places at big tourneys? It's not easy to have a final table of a 600 field tourneys as an avarage...
 sirthomas12/03/2013 07:50:54 GMT
Q10 of hearts Smile

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