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Bet Raise Fold: Official Trailer!

Tags: bet raise fold, boom, chris moneymaker, online poker, poker boom.
Posted on 05 April 2013 by "T".

It's time to get excited as Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker (the first feature-length documentary film about the online poker boom) is set to be released in June, 2013! Check out the latest trailer below and feel free to discuss it in our forum.

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3 comments on "Bet Raise Fold: Official Trailer!"

 PokerDonV7305/04/2013 10:24:51 GMT
Very cool documantiary. Who doesn't want to make millions from you favorite hobby. Gosh, I just wish and dream that maybe one day, maybe, I can win millions too and actually be in one of these documentiaries...
for now, still dreaming though... a lot lol
 Fakiry05/04/2013 14:16:54 GMT
Looks like this documentary shows the dream of online poker and the other side too: I noticed there’s a side of the vision of online poker in this trailer that I’ve never thought about it. Ok, Chris Moneymaker does it, everyone goes after the dream to the net, many get to the dream of earning a lot of money, and then… Black Friday! Scary!!! We heard about people emigrating so they could keep playing and do what they used to do. But, if the movement surrounding online poker was as big or even more than I imagine, I believe there probably were many players that almost put a rope on the neck when they got to know about Black Friday, or even decided to buy a pistol (if they didn’t already had one, usual in the US) to do some nonsense against themselves… I’ve never heard about cases like this, but probably there were. If you are so used and addicted to do something in your life that it just took care of all your thoughts and suddenly you are obligated to stop do it, you probably won’t be able to make that instant brake, it’s an addiction. So those guys would only see a way of breaking those walls… Got to go and see this movie!
 Doarulle06/04/2013 00:51:23 GMT
Now i see the "BOOM: The Incredible True Story of Online Poker" was renamed into Bet Raise Fold ... still waited this movie i for years (2 exactly)... i really want to see thos documentary about Online Poker to learn from the PRO's how to cheat, if Howard will teach me i'll split the profit 50-50 Big Smile

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