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PCA - 22 players left: Ana Marquez leads over 21 men

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Posted on 13 January 2011 by "T".

The player field is now down to 22 in the 2011 PCA Main Event in Bahamas. Leading the field is a woman, the only one left in the tournament. Ana Marquez played fantastic poker during Day 4 and one can't saying anything else than it's a well deserved lead! So what happened to Chris Oliver who was in the lead with 3.67 million when Day 4 started? Well, not much to be honest. Oliver's stack remained almost the same all Day 4 and he ended the day with 3.27 million chips. However, Max Lehmanski, Oliver's closes competitor when Day 4 started, was sent off the rail during the day.

A few notable players that still have the chance to reach the final table and battle for the first prize of 2.3 million dollars are Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, Mike Sowers, Eric Froehlich, Eddy Sabsat and Sam Stein.


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12 comments on "PCA - 22 players left: Ana Marquez leads over 21 men"

 mazas13/01/2011 12:34:16 GMT
so interesting it was woman at the lead and i personally 1 -st time hear her name her hope she will play clever poker and claim her place at the finale table still long way needed to go for the 1 - st place taking Smile
think she not thin this but now she wroting his personal poker story Smile
good luck all
 gsarca13/01/2011 13:14:04 GMT
Vamos Ana!! Spain is with you Big Smile Blink
 DaMessiah66613/01/2011 15:32:32 GMT
Be careful ... Spanish women are more dangerous than shootguns! It won't be a surprise if she will kick all the men off! She will be the first Spanish winner in EPT, a good milestone!
 host8513/01/2011 17:44:41 GMT
demessiah666 "she will be the first spanish winner in ept"? here is PCA my friend
 Fakiry13/01/2011 19:35:30 GMT
Way to go! This is nice because it is time to women show their strength!
 ZmxPowah14/01/2011 09:24:29 GMT
It would be nice if she got through to final table.
Always better to have some woman instead of only men Tongue
 Hajinnho14/01/2011 12:34:24 GMT
Posted by Fakiry:
Way to go! This is nice because it is time to women show their strength!

yeah, way to go. This women now got some attention, she may use it wise and ship that tournament. Might make her really famous Smile
 dule-vu14/01/2011 14:39:11 GMT
hope I will have time to watch today live video at pokerstars tv and to enjoy in play!too bad that only we have video on 14,15 and 16 but at least that!will be great that women win this,but somehow I think that she is too early in lead and that cards will tunr against her!
 MANUEDO14/01/2011 16:02:19 GMT
This time there are a lot of pros still left for final table; will she manage to face all ?
 kinogomes14/01/2011 16:50:59 GMT
Iam expecting some changes before the final table. Its hard against nso many competitive players to keep in the lead of the tournment. Its time to save the stack and wait for the final table.
 dule-vu16/01/2011 02:51:47 GMT
now there are only 5 players left,on 6th place finished player from panama!I cant wathc live in explorer,so I must in mozilla,on poker stars tv!dont know why,but thats the way it is!
 godoy02/05/2018 12:14:53 GMT
although the women appear more in the tournaments and very difficult to see them in the straight or final tables because it is not a lack of skill and a matter of muneros only they are proving that they are very good gl ai ANA

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