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Giveaway: PokerOffice5, 3 licenses worth €98.99 each!

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Posted on 28 May 2013 by "K".

Hi guys,

PokerOffice5 giveawayIt's time for a giveaway - so we decided to give away 3 licenses to PokerOffice5 - each worth €98.99. 

PokerOffice 5 is all you need to maximize your poker earnings online!

The giveaway will last for 14 days and starts today: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE GIVEAWAY PAGE!

There's also an exclusive BankrollMob free trial available, check that out here. If you buy the software and don't like it, there's a 10 day money-back gurantee, but trust us, you're going to like it! Finally, if you buy it and you end up being one of the lucky 3 winners, your purchase will be refunded, so you still get full value of having won a free license.

At the bottom of the giveaway page, there's a "giveaway widget" in which you enter for the giveaway. You can earn entries by follow the instructions in the widget, such as sharing on Facebook/Twitter etc., although all that is needed to enter and get 1 entry, is to connect to the widget either using your e-mail address or Facebook login.

Good luck!

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11 comments on "Giveaway: PokerOffice5, 3 licenses worth €98.99 each!"

 Fakiry28/05/2013 09:45:29 GMT
Nice campaign, giving the oportunity for those that decide to buy the software before knowing if they won it to be refunded in case they did. I think i will try this software this weekend, i only hear good things about it, but i have to know if it works as an improvement to my game before spending almost $100.
 bullettooth128/05/2013 09:54:40 GMT
Great stuff Big Smile Big Smile Thumbs Up Worship I have eleven entries already Tongue Big Smile Cool

Good luck all Thumbs Up
and thanks for another great promotion BRM Big Smile Worship
 gufra2029/05/2013 19:09:46 GMT
Excellent promotion.
I would like to win this award as it would help me a lot in my game.
I hope to have the opportunity to win this award.
Now how come I can not understand tweeting someone help me?

a question.
If you tweet or share on Facebook is the link as an affiliate partner to generate referrals?
 Macubaas30/05/2013 05:17:17 GMT
I already registered for this competition, i already have a paid HM1 license but i would definately want to try this program too Smile

If i do not win a license i guess i could also download their trial to see whats what Blink
 jacob493002/06/2013 12:46:23 GMT
Really nice of you BRM. Thx alot for this great program. And the oppurtunity to win it for free. I really love all these great promotions you have here on BRM. The calender, the mobdraw, the leaderboards, and all these other great offers. Keep up the good work. Good luck everyody.
 TigerAxL06/06/2013 12:50:55 GMT
i have 8 enteries ,hope ill be the winner
 bullettooth112/06/2013 08:13:58 GMT
So who won? would be nice if the winners were announced.

i know i haven't won. Didn't get an e-mail Sad Sad Sad
 Administrator12/06/2013 08:52:31 GMT
I'm about to ask the system to draw the winners now Smile
 bullettooth112/06/2013 08:59:49 GMT
ah ok Big Smile Thumbs Up
 Administrator12/06/2013 09:06:22 GMT
Winners randomly picked and e-mail via the PunchTab system.

I will only announce the winners firstname here, as we don't have the Mob username as part of the entry, only full names:

Rafi Z.
Wimpi P.
Ralmi M.
 bullettooth112/06/2013 09:31:51 GMT
aww you could of told it to pull my name out the bag Sad

Congrats to those winners Thumbs Up

Great comp admin Thumbs Up

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