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500,000 Mobsters: We have a winner!

Tags: 888poker, competition, contest, no deposit bonus, superstack.
Posted on 07 May 2013 by "M".


On the 20th of February we launched the "Guess date and time of 500,000 Members"- competition where mobsters could guess when BankrollMob's 500,000th member would sign-up. When we started the competition we had 479,331 registered members. On Saturday the 4th of May 2013, approximately 11 weeks after the competition started, BankrollMob had its half-millionth member registered!!

The winner of this competition would receive a sponsored ticket to one of 888poker's live tournaments - the SuperStack Tournaments! The value of this prize is beteween $190 - $265 depending on the event the winner chooses to play!

There was only one mobster who managed to guess the correct date so there's no need to go into details like hours and minutes. The winner has been a member of BankrollMob since July 2010, claimed a number of great No Deposit Bonuses but most importantly -  HE HAS NOT CRACKED THE MOB SAFE YET!

Ladies and Gents, please congratulate BankrollMob member Dodg3r on winning the "Guess date and time of 500,000 Members"- competition!!!

In the confirmation correspondence, Dodg3r, explained that he is most likely to participate in either the SuperStack Sheffield (29th - 30th of June) or the SuperStack Madrid (5th - th of July). Which ever event he chooses to play - Good Luck from all of us at BankrollMob!

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15 comments for "500,000 Mobsters: We have a winner!"

 Fakiry07/05/2013 21:49:37 GMT
Congrats Dodg3r, hope you go there and make good on it, hope you get far. It would be nice if you somehow find a way to have BRM and 888 on you while you're playing! Oh, i see you aren't much of a commenter here at BRM, but please, don't forget to tell us all how was the great experience you're going to have at this big event. GL mate!!!
 teddybears7307/05/2013 22:33:49 GMT
well at least he is an actual member on here. Shock
not like those mothers who play in the freerolls. Smile
well done on winning the ticket Dodg3r and i hope you get a good run,if you ever read this. Big Smile
 jessthehuman07/05/2013 23:44:15 GMT
Congrats do Dodg3r! GL mate!

According to this thread:


I also guessed 4th may

EDIT: I should say, I did not actually submit a real guess, as I cannot accept the prize. But, still - I got the right day Big Smile
 RoninHarper08/05/2013 00:48:54 GMT
G'day mates

Well I hope he has a good run.
Do not think I ever seen a post from him in the forums.
We at least know that he is a member of BRM so lets all wish him well.
be cool mate and congratulations to you Dodg3r
best of luck

Ronin Cool
 costinio2908/05/2013 03:28:01 GMT
nice,very good choice
 magatt96608/05/2013 08:06:31 GMT
grats, hope the winner will take us updatde on how things will go
 Administrator08/05/2013 08:11:18 GMT
@jessthehuman - congrats for also guessing the correct date Smile
 MIGO1408/05/2013 08:33:49 GMT
Grats to the winner, nice guess indeed.
And GL for the tourney you will play.
Keep us informed how you did in it.

@Jess: Also Grats for guessing the correct date. And I guess you won the more valuable prize.
A big congrats and a smiley from the Admin Blink Cool Big Smile
 bullettooth108/05/2013 09:51:42 GMT
Congrats to winner Thumbs Up I also guessed the fourth Disagree guess my time was out a bit Aww crap!

Hope you do well in the tourney you choose. Good luck Thumbs Up
 jessthehuman08/05/2013 10:11:03 GMT
Posted by Administrator:
@jessthehuman - congrats for also guessing the correct date Smile

lol thank you, I'm quite proud of it.

Posted by MIGO14:

@Jess: Also Grats for guessing the correct date. And I guess you won the more valuable prize.
A big congrats and a smiley from the Admin Blink Cool Big Smile

Indeed- I value this at at least $1,000.00

Posted by magatt966:
grats, hope the winner will take us updatde on how things will go

Yes !

He has had 3 posts, so he is not completely unknown to the forums, so hopefully he will drop by afterwards to share the spoils when he binks it!
 Doarulle08/05/2013 10:20:49 GMT
Congrats Dodg3r, hope you'll make a nice move and win $500.000 Big Smile
Congrats you too jessthehuman hope you'll play at lotto and win the biggest prize Big Smile and enjoy it
 Macubaas09/05/2013 05:46:21 GMT
Big congratulations to our winner, i think he can actually take the money of this registration Smile

Any way or another i guess he won the biggest prize that bankrollmob ever give to one of it's members.
If he goes to that event i hope to rep BRM good Big Smile
 Dodg3r09/05/2013 09:01:26 GMT
Hi guys,

Thanks for the support! I'm probably playing the event in Madrid(5-7 July) so could one of you teach me some spanish? Blink I will keep you guys updated if you like!

 jessthehuman10/05/2013 00:38:48 GMT
Posted by Dodg3r:
I will keep you guys updated if you like!

Yes, please do! If you run deep I'm sure you'll get some people to rail you too!
 Macubaas10/05/2013 05:56:00 GMT
Congrats once again mate, it's great that you decided to chime in on this thread Smile

Poker is a universal language fortunately so i guess you'll don't have any problems at the poker table.

And yes, make sure to keep us posted, you could actually make a thread when the times come about this event Blink

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