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888poker introduces New Micro Rollers Tournaments

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Posted on 17 November 2023 by "T".

Increased guarantees for small-stakes players!

888poker has made things even more exciting for their smaller-stakes players - introducing the new Micro Rollers tournaments!

If you're a small-stakes player, then you're in for a treat when you see increased guarantees with low buy-ins!

The poker site has boosted the guarantees to a whopping $150,000+ every week with a special $3.50 buy-in $10K GTD Micro Rollers Main Event on Sundays.

This weekly Main Event shall be a multi-flight tournament with Day 1s running daily. The first Day 1 had already begun, on November 6.
Day 2 is scheduled every Sunday. The first Day 2 was held on November 12.

The Micro Rollers campaign gives players value for money, with over $150,000 in weekly guarantees - in addition to their regular micro-stakes tournaments.

Exciting New Tournaments for Micro Rollers

More turbo structures are available, perfect for players who are short on time yet still want value for money!

And, with $10K in Weekly Freerolls giving away seats to the Micro Roller tournaments, low stakes never looked this good!

See below the affordable buy-ins with new bigger guarantees:

This is the perfect time to take advantage of this restructuring of 888poker's tournaments made especially for small-stakes players!



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35 comments on "888poker introduces New Micro Rollers Tournaments"

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» 888poker introduces New Micro Rollers Tournaments

 CALICUL19/11/2023 01:37:19 GMT
I prefer to play when i win something at poker or sports betting because it's better in that way, but to win big is something quite difficult, the chances are very small, and i have to risk more money while i will be lucky very big...
 geseco1220/11/2023 02:45:33 GMT
now 888poker has done something that excites all of us low level players, it indicates that the room cares about their micro limit players, now with low entry you can enter big guaranteed tournaments.
 dule-vu20/11/2023 06:02:22 GMT
Enjoy in this low stakes tournaments!
 geseco1221/11/2023 03:19:16 GMT
Of course, these low budget tournaments are very good for many players, with small amounts to participate for big prizes, but they will also play many more players than usual.
 dule-vu21/11/2023 06:10:27 GMT
We will if they publish other news, how much players they will have per tournament!
 geseco1222/11/2023 12:45:46 GMT
Good news for low limit players, new and exciting Micro Rollers tournaments are coming to 888poker, a way to experience poker at the highest level, with great guaranteed, affordable entries for all players.
 dule-vu22/11/2023 12:48:30 GMT
you know this work on micro levels, its good that you write about it!
 geseco1223/11/2023 14:15:09 GMT
for microlimtes players is excellent news, of course most of them would appreciate it, a good option to enter big tournaments with small entries, a way to have a chance to get a big score in these tournaments.
 dule-vu23/11/2023 14:15:25 GMT
Yeah, now take that chance and play them!
 geseco1224/11/2023 16:44:46 GMT
Of course we should play, it is a way to have a chance to win a big prize with these tournaments, that's what the tournaments 888poker is doing, I hope we are all playing, they are accessible tickets for everyone.
 dule-vu24/11/2023 17:27:33 GMT
I sayed you, not we! If you play it, write here some result then! Give screen shot of it!
 geseco1225/11/2023 17:30:48 GMT
I always play in 888poker, it is the best room for me, I have many years playing in their room, just this promotion that has launched 888poker has been seen, everyone is free to show the results of their game or not.
 dule-vu25/11/2023 17:32:06 GMT
If you play tournaments, show here, not freerolls! Because you only write to collect 10 points, not that you play it!
 cocozza26/11/2023 03:34:45 GMT
888 poker is one of the platforms that offers the most promotions and news. This does not surprise me at all, they have always been one step ahead of others in this regard.
 dule-vu26/11/2023 04:07:05 GMT
They try their best!
 11aha1126/11/2023 13:12:04 GMT
I have been playing at 888 poker for years and this place is really great. there is always something that makes them want to play. Now, for example, it's the micro rollers competitions, which are a good opportunity for many and it can be seen that there are more and more entrants in each competition. of course, it becomes more and more difficult to win this way, but since it's a fast game, if you don't manage to reach the paid place, there is still plenty of opportunity to try again
 dule-vu26/11/2023 13:26:16 GMT
But they are still not big as party poker and poker stars!
 11aha1126/11/2023 13:29:59 GMT
I don't know, it's clear that there are fewer and fewer players on stars every day
 dule-vu26/11/2023 13:30:59 GMT
They dont change lot of thing, software should be better!
 geseco1227/11/2023 01:36:59 GMT
888poker continues to be one of the best poker rooms in the world, I hope it continues that way, now we can enjoy these big tournaments with small entries, a way to have a great time with this room in tournaments.
 CALICUL27/11/2023 01:46:33 GMT
they are good tournaments, but with some difficult to qualify. I gave up after a while because i focused on sports betting, but those who want to try may be luckier. I tried without success, but others players have luck and will be good for they.
 Jinn28/11/2023 07:45:11 GMT
Damn, I forgot my creds on this room. Id like to test those tournaments
 dule-vu28/11/2023 07:55:24 GMT
if you are not banned as player, try it!
 antonis32128/11/2023 10:27:33 GMT
Nice tourneys from 888poker , micro stakes players can play them for sure , good opportunity to earn some money and increase your bankroll . Also I see they offer freerolls with free seats for these events , very nice deal .
 dule-vu28/11/2023 10:34:14 GMT
they try to offer something different!

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